Genevieve Morton

Genevieve Morton Taped Ta-Ta’s, Arianny Celeste Bikini Cleave, Kelly Brook Covered Nekkid Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

And the hits just keep on coming. Especially during VMA and Emmy week, but really any time, the flow of hot selfies and sextastic social candids just keeps on escalating to the point that outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are almost worth having around, you know, despite their soul sucking and society ruining foundations. I can give them a pass on destroying so much good in this world, for the good sweet visuals they provide from many of our most favorite celebrities.

This week's Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Arianny Celeste bikini beauties, Genevieve Morton and her barely covered sweet teats, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner seductress poses, Kelly Brook covered only partially by a curtain, Rihanna hot bikini pic, Aubrey O'Day in multiple two piece showoffs, Anastasia Ashley surfer thumper, and much much more. You owe it to Miley's unfortunate unemployed male model friend who won't leave L.A. to check out each and every one of these passion inducing social media candids. Enjoy.

Genevieve Morton Downright Hot Bodied Deadly in Cleo Bikinis

Genevieve Morton miraculously keeps getting hotter and hotter with every round of bikini and swimsuit modeling pictures. In this latest round of visual wonderments starring her epically sextastic body, Genevieve uses every inch of her ridiculously curves to pimp out Cleo Swimsuits such that every lady in the world must be thinking, damn, I sure would like to look like that by the pool. I know I'm thinking a few hot damns myself just leering at Genevieve.

The competition is extremely stiff in Genevieve's modeling category. As our the men who view her. But I have no doubt with her work ethic and obvious gifts from Mother Nature, she's headed right toward the upper echelons. Also, she's now officially on my Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa card list. When she sees me and my dog Mr. Bonkers in matching bow ties, she's going to flip. Enjoy.

Genevieve Morton Lingerie Body Sextastic on Curvy Display for Cleo

I don't know who Cleo is, but she made a good choice in picking the perfectly curvy body of South African passion inducing model Genevieve Morton to pimp the shizz out of her bras and panties. Oh, my. If Genevieve doesn't have the finest female form for showing off boudoir clothing, I'm not sure who does. Okay, there are several, but Genevieve is right up there with the goddesses of Mt. Lingerie.

Genevieve, I'm sure you get tired after long shooting days in your underwear. I really wish you'd let me help you unwind with a massage. I mean, you massage me. You'll find it does wonders for your nerves, if not mine. Genevieve Morton is going places. With that crazy hot body of hers, she's going to get there fast. Enjoy.

Genevieve Morton Wicked Bare Bodied Showy Goodness from Randall Slavin

I really have fallen pretty hard for Genevieve Morton, perhaps the most underrated of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. The busty hot blonde South African model is really the star attraction of so many swimsuit pictorials these days, with her absolutely killer female form and her special come hither intangibles that I would really like to tangible repeatedly by candlelight.

Now, talented photographer friend of Egotastic! Randall Slavin has captured Genevieve in some of her hottest swimsuit and see-through and barely covered nekkid photos yet. Really absolutely stunning. We can't thank him enough for sharing. Every time somebody takes a picture of a hot girl holding her own funbags, an angel gets its wings. Oh, Genevieve, you are my angel with the racktastic of goddess. Bless you. Enjoy.

Genevieve Morton Crazy Boobtastic Bikini Hot for Summer Swimwear Campaign

Genevieve Morton truly is an underrated bikini hottie. Something strange to say perhaps for a model often featured in Sports Illustrated and European swimsuit magazines, but certainly in the U.S. the South African sextastic model hasn't gained the name recognition of many of her peers. It's time for that nonsense to end.

Featured in the new Nathan Paul Summer line of swimwear, Genevieve Morton pops off the page with such a hot body nearly uncovered, I want to beg summer to start today a day early. Just so smoking hot, Genevieve. I will get your name more widely known, if I have to scream it from the top of my lungs while we make sweet passionate love in a champagne shaped hot tub. To this I commit. Enjoy.

Genevieve Morton’s Sweet Cleavage In a Sheer Top

South African model and professional hot person Genevieve Morton was spotted at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood wearing what can only be described as the most cleavetacular outfit of all time. The middle panel of her top is see through so you can see all of the gloriousness of her funbag valley and inner sideboob. And what an amazing pair of ta-ta's they are, my friends. Genevieve's ladies are like two perfectly rip melons that defy gravity. It's like magic, only it's breast magic so it's even better. Her skirt also only went down to mid-thigh so you also got a good look at her long lovely legs. This outfit is like the Giving Tree only instead of being a really depressing story about a boy and a tree, it just keeps giving us more wonderful skin to gawp at.

I may be heading Africa way this summer and I plan on hitting the beaches in South Africa. According to my sources the beaches in South Africa are covered in girls like Genevieve. And penguins. Both are awesome.

Genevieve Morton Bikini Teases for Upcoming S.I. Swimsuit Season

The start of each new year brings many beginnings. Resolutions, cold weather chaffing, and the best month in football among them. Also, the run up to the pictures of dozens of hot models in even warmer climates in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions. You know, the periodical that taught you to feel like a man, or at least where to get started.

Though the release of the new edition is still many weeks away, a sneak peek at Genevieve Morton in her S.I. behind the scenes swimsuit shoot ought to whet the appetites and moisten the loins. Um, I'd like to now take that last comment back. I have no clue who will be holding the coveted cover slot this year, but S.I. could do far worse than the South African Genevieve herself who has been introduced to the U.S. through her swimsuit pictorials the past couple of years. Holy hotness. Enjoy.