SI Superstar Genevieve Morton Sextastic Beach Shoot

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bill-swift - May 17, 2016

Wherefore art thou, blonde buxom hottie? Oh, there you are. Genevieve Morton is one of the most underrated professional persons of the sextastic in the world. Often leading and covergirl in swimsuit magazines, the South African bouncy flouncy faptastic sweetheart shoots well in so many various layouts and backdrops and wardrobe, or lack thereof. She would be my go-to model on many occasions if all these damn court orders didn't restrict me from picking up my Canon and posting Craigslist ads again.

Featured in this Tyler Kandel shoot, the hold-your-own-heavenly-orbs model shows off the full power of her alluring and boobtastic by way of preening, posing, and all around just looking like the girl you imagined would be your future girlfriend when you were sixteen, but were still searching for at twenty-six. Never surrender your dreams. Or your hope. Although, Genevieve Morton, c'mon. What a wondrous visual meal of the fine female form. Keep hope alive. And maybe lower your hands, Genevieve? Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Tyler Kandel