Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones Gets Tapped for Star Wars Rogue One, Let’s See Her Nearly Nekkid

Talk about going from heyday to payday. Felicity Jones just got her due compliments from her work in the Theory of Everything and now she’s turning it into tentpole movie leading lady tight work. Disney just announced that Felicity will be starring in Rogue One, the first Star Wars spin-off feature developed since Disney bought Star Wars from George Lucas for the Gross National Product of Canada. The film should be out in about a year and a half and I’m not deep diving into nerdville, yet, to see what it’s all about. The Godzilla guy is directing it, so expect giant lizards.

While Felicity hasn’t done much by the way of risque thespianic work in the past, we did want to share some of her less clothes moments from the snowboarding movie Chalet Girl she starred in a few years back. Why not get a sneak peek at the body of the future heroine of a galaxy far far away. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Chalet Girl” UK Film Council

Felicity Jones Wet And Wild And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Felicity Jones goes splashy splashy in wet sexy shoot for Violet Grey. (Drunken Stepfather)

WWE’s Zahra Schreiber is topless and ready for action. (WWTDD)

Derek Jeter’s ex Vida Guerra has a big ‘ol booty. (TMZ)

Miley Cyrus‘ sexy video for “Tongue Tied” is giving me a funny feeling in my pants. (Huffington Post)

Emily Ratajkowski in a lacey busty top is amazing. (Hollywood Tuna)

Jessica Alba sports a sports bra while she gets all nice and sweaty. (Popoholic)

Barbara Palvin is so hot it makes me a little faint. (COED)

Felicity Jones Late Night Sexy Dip In A Pool

If you haven’t taken a hankering to Felicity Jones before, now, pre-Oscars, would be a wonderful time. The hot Britty brunette is making waves with her Stephen Hawking bio pic this award season, grabbing up trophies and looking all kinds of alluring in her various decked out guises.

I’m not sure we’ll see anything but super classy from Felicity, but within this realm, oh, man, you can see her styled up and dipping late night into a pool for Violet Grey. It’s kind of how I imagine our vacations will be to fancy European resorts that charge per night what I make in a year. Still, it will be one hell of a night. Late night pool fun included prix fixe. I’m in lust once again. We must be approaching Spring. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Violet Grey

Shailene Woodley Gets Sexy with Hollywood Hotties and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Selena Gomez shows cleavage on the cover of Cosmo. (HuffPo)

Ashley Greene gets Lucky. (FoxNews)

Kylie and Kendall Jenner in Teen Vogue. (GossipCenter)

Shailene Woodley, Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence and more Hollywood hotties. (GossipCenter)

Ciara and Maria Menounos get ready for the Superbowl. (Celebuzz)

Kim Kardashian tweets cleavage. (CelebSlam)

Not exactly a lateral move, Elisabetta Canalis. (TheSuperficial)

Felicity Jones Is Just Plain Old Fashioned Hot Outside Letterman

Just had to give a shoutout to Like Crazy actress Felicity Jones who is just old school kinds of hot for those classic Audrey Hepburn brunette lovers. Appearing outside The David Letterman Show last night, this Britty thespianic just looked like a girl with a very bright and hopefully much more skin-filled future. We hope. Enjoy.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Felicity Jones Bring the Red Carpet Ogles at ‘Like Crazy’ Premiere

The new film Like Crazy explores the loneliness and difficulties associated with long distance relationships. Not to get too personal, but I’ve been through this before and it surely can be rough. When I first fell for Wendy, I was told she was a ‘Local Hot Babe Looking for Action’ but it turns out she was not even in my state, in fact, she was not even in my country and perhaps not even really even a horny hot mom. And cutting off that relationship and the credit card account associated with it, truly painful. I feel for you long-distancers, I do.

On a brighter and boobier note, Jennifer Love Hewitt made her way to the L.A. premiere of Like Crazy last night in one of her classic low cut dress looks, flashing her internationally renowned ta-ta’s on the red carpet, perhaps even outshining the deliciously up and coming Felicity Jones, the film’s co-star, who if she would ever get a little more undressed, would cause salivation glands to overwork themselves om men around the globe. Enjoy.

For the true Jennifer Love Hewitt fans, check out Celebuzz’s gallery of cleavage-baring bandage dresses worn by the chesty actress of late.