Felicity Jones Late Night Sexy Dip In A Pool

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bill-swift - February 10, 2015

If you haven't taken a hankering to Felicity Jones before, now, pre-Oscars, would be a wonderful time. The hot Britty brunette is making waves with her Stephen Hawking bio pic this award season, grabbing up trophies and looking all kinds of alluring in her various decked out guises.

I'm not sure we'll see anything but super classy from Felicity, but within this realm, oh, man, you can see her styled up and dipping late night into a pool for Violet Grey. It's kind of how I imagine our vacations will be to fancy European resorts that charge per night what I make in a year. Still, it will be one hell of a night. Late night pool fun included prix fixe. I'm in lust once again. We must be approaching Spring. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Violet Grey