Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes Is Pregnant and Not By Me (Insert Sad Face Emoticon)

I guess this was many years in the making. Eve Mendes is finally pregnant. By that stupid Ryan Gosling lucky bastard. Given how often I’m confused for Ryan Gosling in the looks department, I can’t help but feel this should’ve been my field to sow, as it were.

It’s hard to believe Eva Mendes has been hot in TV and movies and magazines for nearly twenty years now. She recently entered our Forty and Faptastic legends division. And, now, she’s been taken away from us, well, her wicked hot body, at least temporarily. Today, we look back on some of our favorite visual wonderments of the Cubana sextastica. She really had so much left to give. Damn you, Ryan Gosling and every one of your damn dimples! Enjoy.

Eva Mendes Flashes Her Panties to Help Your Imagination Machines

We’ve really seen little of Eva Mendes in the past year or so. Since she started shacking up with dude-who-every-girl-wants-to-she-bang, Ryan Gosling, Eva has pretty much disappeared off the public radar, save for some quick trips to the store for sustenance and towels presumably to sustain her endless bouts of intimate activity with Ryan (lucky lucky bastard).

But, soft, what upskirt through yonder camera snaps? Yep, it’s Eva’s panties beneath her pulled up short dress as she shimmies out of a car in New York. And while a peep panties peek will not completely quench our Mendes thirst, not like we’re not going to take it. That’d just be rude. We may be lascivious prurient bastards, but we’re never rude. Enjoy.

Eva Mendes Shows Her Curves in a Tight Pencil Skirt

READER FINDS: Taylor Momsen Sideboob, Sara Jean Underwood Topless, Eva Mendes Crazy Sexy and Much Much More…

Odette Yustman Goodies in Movie ‘The Unborn’
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All hail Friday. I stand not alone in my love of the last of the weekdays, the day before the day I get my worst hangover of the week, and that’s saying something. A five-day journey through the sextastic, culminating in our big stew of skin we like to call Reader Finds, where we literally let it all hang out.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the bodacious boobtastic likes of Taylor Momsen with some on-stage sideboob, Sara Jean Underwood stills without clothing, Eva Mendes in a single, super crazy sexy photo, model Saskia De Brauw nekkid on camera, Michelle Bombshell McGeee equally nekkid in a few tasteless caps from her sex tape, Odette Yustman onscreen camel toe, Aubrey O’Day nipple slip in a bikini, Katy Cocktease in a cleavy photoshoot, model Sara Stephens in some wicked almost not there lingerie, and brunette hotite Lindsey Strutt in a sweet hot topless photoshoot. Enjoy.

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Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara Lead List of Hotties at the Met Museum of Art Costume Gala

Now, the last time I got invited to a costume party, I attended the event dressed as one of the members of the Teletubbies, so you can imagine how long ago that way, like three or four years now. And I somehow didn’t receive my invitation to the more prestigious, celebrity A-list only Metropolitan Museum of Art annual Costume Gala, that brings out essentially every single top tier star in Hollywood to this swank N.Y.C. dress up event. I bet they’re not serving up Gino’s Pizza Rolls in that shindig.

While not invited, we still get the benefit of seeing this amazing plethora of sextastic celebs, of which we picked our 15 or so favorites, led by the likes of the super busty hot Scarlett Johansson, ever red carpet stealing Sofia Vergara, Cameron Diaz looking especially bosomy protruding, and Anja Rubik in a dress you will not soon forget, just to name a few.

Check them all out and see who you think would make your hottest virtual prom date. Enjoy.

Eva Mendes May Be Diddling Ryan Gosling, But She’ll Always Be Our Sextastic Sweetheart

Every time one of our favorite sexy celebs hooks up with some lucky bastard of a dude celeb, we lose a little bit of our humanity, at least, I think that’s humanity in our tissue. The point being, our heart’s break just a little. No doubt Ryan Gosling is the fastest rising dude star on the planet, and for sultry sexy Eva Mendes, okay, you gotta fall for somebody I suppose. But, Eva, so you know, we will always be your late night go-to booty call. You can use us, abuse us, ignore us, but when the body kneading needs getting done at 3am, call us, drunk is fine, we’ll be here for you.

In this Ellen Von Unwerth photoshoot, Eva Mendes shows every bit how she so artfully, and hotly, covers her secretly naughty side. It’s just quite alluring. Enjoy.

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