Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk Bra and Panties Sexy Bomb Dropping for the Victoria’s Secret Catalog

I’m quite sure I’m in lust with Swedish beauty Elsa Hosk. I am getting those butterflies in my tummy, or what I’ll describe as such while knowing it’s tingles in my genetic bank, that a man gets for a woman when he just knows he’d like to build her a log cabin deep in the woods and spend a year there with her living off nothing but jerky and tender making of the sexy on the front stoop. That’s the primal emotion emotion I feel when peeking at Elsa in her latest Victoria’s Secret spread.

Elsa was the angel who accidentally winged Ariana Grande during the fashion show performance cat walk. I’m sure she didn’t mean it, though I would have paid several quid to see the girls fight just a bit, maybe rip each other’s clothes off, then makeup by making out. It could have happened. I bought tickets just in case. Elsa, do you see how discombobulating you are to the male and Sapphic leaning lady brain? It’s not you, it’s us. Well, it is partially you. Just so damn hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret

Elsa Hosk Topless in GQ, Reduxed and Re-Amped With Even More Swedish Topless Goodness

Elsa Hosk Topless Adds in GQ Romania July 2014
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If you happen to like your Swedish models all hot and without many clothes on in the pages of magazines, here’s an extended look at Elsa Hosk in her topless pictorial from GQ Romania over the summer. Thanks to our many civil, but super secret spy network that circles this globe at the speed of the sextastic, we have a look at some additional photos from the rather Euro-sizzling peeks at Elsa’s Swedish peaks.

I don’t think I shall ever grow tired of seeing stunning Scandinavians flashing their funbags for the glory of Asgard and gentleman oglers everywhere. Elsa just happens to be one of the finer specimens to come from the northern tribes since  whoever that chick is who bedded Thor. I might just be mixing my mythologies. I am not the least bit confused however about Ms. Hosk. Just extremely incredibly alluring. Well done, Elsa. Enjoy.

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Elsa Hosk Goes Topless for GQ Romania

Elsa Hosk Goes Topless for GQ Romania July 2014
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Swedish model Elsa Hosk let it all hang out in this photoshoot for GQ Romania. By “all” I mean her splendid Scandinavian funbags. She’s got on some sort of bondagey looking thing with the boobtacular region cut out for our viewing pleasure. Elsa’s Swedish meatballs are pretty much perfect. They are have slightly upturned nips that are all kinds of pokey. Her boobies are just the right size. They are the boobs Goldilocks would have chosen, not too big and not to small. They know how to put things together in Sweden to make them more sleek and stuff. In another photo, Elsa has on a tiny bikini. I mean tiny. Like, if you strung together all the fabric it might make a bandana. This allows yet another view of her lovely sideboobs.

I didn’t even know there was a GQ in Romania. I wonder if they have spreads for fashionable werewolves and vampires? Maybe there are ads with Dracula for Bulova watches.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Elsa Hosk Topless Dark and All Grow’d Up Hotness

Elsa Hosk Sexy Topless Photoshoot by Andreas Kock
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We usually tend to the lighter side of heavy funbags on Fridays, but today being the beginning of the Winter Olympics, I was thinking something Swedish. After all, this is the every four years when the Swedes get to remind us of their snow sporting juggernaut. I might be thinking of the Finns actually, but never you mind. To kick it all off we have a peek at a wickedly dark and Swedish-morose view of typically blonde hottie model Elsa Hosk in a stellar photoshoot for Andreas Kock.

Elsa is all about the peekaboo and ravishing reveals in this memorable visual wonderment. Take hot Swedish female form, remove clothes, and then do anything and you pretty much have a winning combination. On a Friday, we give special thanks for such sweet teat treats. Thank God It’s Funbags!

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Elsa Hosk Topless Swedish Goodies in 7 Hollywood Magazine

Elsa Hosk Topless in 7 Hollywood Magazine Winter 2014
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Oh, happy days when our Swedish model belusted Elsa Hosk takes her top off for 7 Hollywood magazine, well, for any magazine really, or just to announce in my direction that she’s ready for our next private Swedish lesson. That too would be nice.

I understand that European models have less hangups about removing their clothes and exposing their benevolent goodies to the world. I understand and thank the heaven’s daily. Without Swedish beauties like Elsa flashing their funbags, where would we be as a civilization? Well, ten steps back and not nearly as happy. Keep up the good work, Elsa. Enjoy.

Elsa Hosk Is Swedish Hot with a Bikini Bottom That Doesn’t Quite Fit in St. Barts

I used to laugh at girls who would try on a million bikinis complaining they can never find one that fits. Men’s swimsuits come in about three sizes throughout the entire world. If one doesn’t fit, you don’t swim. But I get it now that with tiny little tops and bottoms, and so many fine variations of the female form, finding the right fit is not simple challenge.

Even the good folks at V.S. shooting the gloriously hot Elsa Hosk in a bikini in St. Bart’s couldn’t seem to find a bikini bottom that fit her precious lady area. The result was a benevolent gap between bikini and skin that had my peepers peeping deep into Elsa’s southern Nordic areas. Let’s call this a good fit for us. Enjoy.

Elsa Hosk Swedish Blonde Visual Treats in Upcoming Elle

You know by now the financial, physical, and emotional toll I pay each month to receive my copious copies of the world’s leading ladies magazines. Oh, how the middle school skater kids to taunt and tease me at my very own stoop. But it’s ever worthwhile when that secret nugget within is revealed. No, not the perfume sampler. I save that for date night. I’m talking about an eye-catching pictorial with an eye-popping hottie. Something along the sextastic lines of Elsa Hosk in the July edition of Elle magazine.

Elsa does her Swedish people quite proud with very straightforward blonde Nordic hotness. Checking out Elsa in these casual beachy flirtatious type get-ups, it’s quite easy to imagine her our summer time girlfriend, keeping the day time fires lit so that the night time may be filled with burning embers of passion. I just made that up. I know, it’s soft core genius. But with Elsa, it might take more than a few turns of the phrase to get her into less than she’s wearing in these photos. Maybe like a Wimbledon title or a mansion or something like that. I need to get working on that. Enjoy.