Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson Bikini Pictures Fifty and Faptastic

While my forty and faptastic list is rather lengthy, the fifty plus version dwindles rather extensively. Though there are clear and obvious rule breakers. Like Elle Macpherson. On a day when we are celebrating bikini beauties at the beach, how about a sweet homage to the queen bee of hot bikini pictures for three decades now. The Aussie with the hot long lean body who can steal teach the youngin’s a thing or two about strutting in a two piece.

Elle was on vacation on a yacht off the coast of Italy when she decided to don one of her little bikinis and show off front side and backside half-century hotness. She more than caught my eye. She made 10,000 images of her ridiculously alluring surfer girl hotness flash before my eyes. Then I passed out. Then I woke up wondering what time it was and if Elle would respond to my request for an Adult Nursing Relationship post I made to her on Craigslist Palm Beach. So much to think about, and so much Elle sextastic to focus on. Bless you, Ms. Macpherson. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Maybe Rainey Qualley Topless, Shannen Doherty Definitely Topless, Nina Agdal Nipple Slip and Much Much More…

Elle MacPherson Sexy in Ellen Von Unwerth Photoshoo
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Well, hello there, Friday. Good day to you, kindest day of the week. You are more than just the foreplay to the weekend, you are my beloved second base. The home of all things soft and carressable. Each week we come together as a family unit on this particular day to share in our bounty and recall legends of the hunt. But mostly we just exchange a lot of celebrity nekkid photos, because hunting is way too much work.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Elle Macpherson red hot in black and white (thank you to EgoReader ‘Zen’), 80′s throwback to Vanity topless onscreen (reach back from ‘Robert’), Abbie Cornish sextastic for Esquire (bless you kind sir ‘William’), Angelina Jolie topless in one of her memorably movie roles (sweet Angelina provided by ‘Dave D.’), new to me Eun-woo Lee Topless in Moebius (quite a sweet sight via ‘Omar’), Sharon Stone baring all back when so hot in Basic Instinct (all of Sharon brought to you by ‘Melisse’), Jessica Biel covered topless in her epic Gear magazine shoot (more classics from the mind of ‘Owen’), Nina Agdal flashing some nip and quite covered nekkid in SI photo by James Macari (special find from ‘Rody’), a see-through boobtastic view of singer Chanel West Coast from her uncensored album art (thanks to a bunch of you who sent this in), more wet and sextastic photos of Hailee Lautenbach (thanks once again to ‘Jimmy D.’), Johanna Lundback quite breathtaking topless (tossed onboard by ‘Chris’), some delicious see-throughs of Lucy Mecklenburgh (thank you kindly ‘Kurtis’), Andy MacDowell’s daughter Rainey Qualley maybe topless, it’s topless, maybe her from indie Found Upper Footage (thanks to Internet sleuth ‘Dan B.’ for this possibility), Jessica Brown Findlay topless in not Downton Abbey (kudos to ‘Erica’ for a lovely bit of ta-ta’s), Shannen Doherty topless from 90210 days (wayback machine to topless mammaries by ‘Daniel’), a double dose of Tanya Roberts topless from her heyday (hey, it’s super hot Tanya thanks to ‘Devon’), purported nekkid photos of German national team volleyballer, Saksia Hippe (oh, let it be real from ‘Maria’ in Deutschland), one nekkid painted Chilean music festival queen swimming (weird but gracious thanks to ‘Lucas’), Orlando Bloom girlfriend Nora Arnezeder topless on the silver screen (bless you sweet ‘Sarah’), and last, but never least, Reese Witherspoon cleavetastic fifteen years ago now at the Cruel Intentions movie premiere, dang (way to close out strong ‘Robin’). Breathe it all in, can you smell the sextastic? Enjoy.

50 Pictures of Elle Macpherson for Her 50th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to only one of the finest looking women on the planet, hot Aussie forever model Elle Macpherson who after nearly three decades of providing fapitation content for men young and old, just keeps getting better and better looking. Somebody made a deal with the devil and I am so glad she did. Oh, the joy Elle has given to us.

So, today, on her 50th birthday (damn, 50, is this even possible?) we celebrate the hotness that is Elle Macpherson with 50 pictures of the ultimate swimsuit babe from Down Under and take it over the top. Happy Birthday, Elle!

Elle Macpherson Bikini Pictures Depict a Timeless Water Nymph

I’m really not sure how she’s doing it any longer, and I don’t really care, if Elle Macpherson has to suckle on the blood of innocent babies to keep herself looking this hot in a bikini at nearly 50-years of age, well I’m sorry, little innocent babies, but mama has got to look hot during bikini season in Ibiza.

The veteran MILFtastic bikini babe has been sweetening up the yacht-set off the coast of Spain for the past week now, a new tiny bikini just about every hour or so, impressing the heck out of all men within nautical viewing distance, and I suppose more importantly, dazzling the bejesus out of her reported new wealthy banker boyfriend.

There’s nothing really finer than a mature woman of extremely lust-inducing powers, and while the body may not be exactly the same as at 20, just imagine all the secrets she knows. No giggling in bed, just business. Enjoy.



Elle Macpherson Enjoys a Boat Ride in a Blue Print Bikini

Elle Macpherson Urchin Diving Bikini Pictures Put the Hot Mom in Cousteau-Like Conditions

There are so many things to dig about veteran hot MILF, Elle Macpherson, add to that list add diving for sea urchins in her little bikini off the back of a boat in Ibiza.

We are already infatuated with this ageless Australian hottie, now seeing her dive in a bikini for her own food off the sea floor, well, it’s almost too much. Like a goddess warrior of yore right before preparing to raise her sword in epic battle. Or raise our swords for that matter.

Elle Macpherson you are one ridiculously hot mom. Enjoy.

Elle MacPherson vs. Christie Brinkley in Fabulous 40′s and 50′s Hotness Showdown

Crazy Mama Hot!

Seriously, there is nothing hotter than a world-wise dame. And talk about your veteran sexiness, both Elle MacPherson, at 48, and Christie Brinkley, at 58, we’re on full hot MILF display today at different venues, but the effects were the same — spank me mommy, I’ve been a very bad boy.

Elle Macpherson, one of our true wunderlusts, was in Cannes pimping something or other related to the Fashion Star project, of which we care little, but we do care immensely for her super hotness in a stripety dress that gave us all kinds of female Tigger fantasies. JUST SO DAMN HOT.

Christie Brinkley I don’t even understand how she looks this good at her age, pimping her own sob divorce story I believe on The Today Show, and looking like she could reprise her iconic role of 30 years ago in National Lampoon’s Vacation and it’d still be believable. Personally speaking, I’d still drive off the road checking her out. JUST SO DAMN DELICIOUS.

Two mature ladies. Two super amazing looking women. It’s almost too too much for a boy to handle. Enjoy.