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Rose Leslie and Elizabeth Berkely Topless For the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Normally I’d be talking about cooling temps of the fall approaching in my weekly weather report slash skintastic forecast of what to watch celebrity sextastic wise on the tube or screen, but as the 100′s are approaching L.A., I’m personally thinking about hunkering down next to my semi-functioning AC unit with nothing on but the prescribed ogling opportunities recommended by our friends at Mr. Skin. Always at least three options for catching sweet ta-ta’s on the screen, thereby providing a natural outlet for your potentially dangerous levels of body heat.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes the desirably Rose Leslie in the currently in theaters Honeymoon with memories of her mammaries from Game of Thrones, Erin Cummings quite topless and full-bodied on this week’s Masters of Sex, and Elizabeth Berkely topless in Any Given Sunday now out on Blu-Ray. You could shvitz this weekend, or you could shvitz for a purpose. I choose the latter. I choose funbags. Enjoy.

(P.S. If you don’t get your Ego-discounted membership to Mr. Skin, you will have sweated all summer for nothing!)

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Here’s Elizabeth Berkley Reminiscing About How Awful ‘Showgirls’ Was

Remember this movie?

If you’ve ever seen Showgirls, which was about an aspiring Las Vegas showgirl who gets naked and writhes around all over the place—including in the vicinity of Gina Gershon and on top of Kyle MacLachlan—then you know damn well why the film’s star, Elizabeth Berkley, a.k.a. Jessie Spano of Saved by the Bell, stopped dancing after that. The only thing worse than the film was Berkley’s acting. And the only thing worse than her acting was her dancing.

For that reason, we couldn’t help but laugh when Variety asked her why she stopped dancing after that movie. It was like they were really asking, ‘So, Shorwgirls really blew, what’s up with that?’


Elizabeth Berkly Is Pregnant, Excited, and Largely Pokable

We haven’t seen much of Elizabeth Berkley of late, but it ‘s hard to miss the former Saved By the Bell star these days strutting around Hollywood with her with-child full belly and this weekend a pair of nipple pokes that I believe could be spotted from sub-space, if not outer-space! Now, obviously, in a couple short months those enlarged sucklers of hers will be nourishing the growth of her offspring, but, in the meantime, there’s no reason we oglers, and in particular those with the preggo fetishy thing going on, can’t take a visual suckle of our own.

Sometimes, it takes a village to properly pay attention to a woman. Enjoy.

(Has it really been 17 years since Showgirls? It has. You must check out her nekkid fighter stills from an often deleted scene from that hot stinker if not seen before.)

Elizabeth Berkley Nekkid Fighter in ‘Showgirls’

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