Eliza Doolittle

Ellie Goulding and Eliza Doolittle Showing Cleavage and Attitude on the Red Carpet

I'm not sure what the Attitude Awards are, but I feel like I deserve one. I've got the attitude of gratitude for sweet hot women such as Ellie Goulding and Eliza Doolittle, Britty style pop stars who were flashing their hot bodies last night at those very same awards in London.

We don't often see the likes of Elle and Eliza on here, certainly not all decked out and dressed for success, but some times we do need to class up the place just a tad. Hot girls, little black dresses, skin reveals. I can see this formal thing catching on. Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli vs. Eliza Doolittle in a Battle of the Twitpic Asstastic

Well, we just had to share and compare. The incomparable Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli felt the need herself to flash her ridiculously hot booty, snap it, and exhibit it via Twitter to the rest of the world. And this would have been enough. But pop divette Eliza Doolittle felt the same desire to share her wicked hot body by way of Twitter over the same weekend, and it was quite a visual display. And when we see two such sextastic wonderments, we just have to go to battle.

So whose asstastic reigns supreme?

Bar Refaeli Battles Eliza Doolittle for Supreme Twitpic Asstastic

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Tamara Ecclestone, Eliza Doolittle, and Elizabeth Hurley Highlight the Hotness at Elton John Gala

I'll say this for Elton John, while his first new album in twenty years continues to be delayed, his work on behalf of global charities, more specifically, his ability to bring in sextastic celebrities to attend his charity galas continues unabated.

At his Grey Goose sponsored AIDS Foundation event over the weekend in London, Sir Elton was able to gather up a gaggle of hotties including newly single billionaire heiress and sideboob flasher extraordinaire, Tamara Ecclestone, underrated singing cutie Eliza Doolittle, and one of our all-time favorite MILFs with freshly young new boobs, Elizabeth Hurley, all for a good cause, which included us ogling them in their flattering fineries on the red carpet. Enjoy.

Eliza Doolittle Flashes Her Cleavetastic Goodness For the Olympic Torch

The Olympics are upon us as is Eliza Doolittle flashing her upper body goodness at the Torch Relay concert in London, exposing good bits of her chest to honor the ancient rite of the running of the flame to the Olympic stadium. It all makes sense. Or it doesn't.

But we still get to see this hottie little pop star showing some sweet puppy views. Enjoy.

Sextastic Twitpic Roundup Includes Rihanna Naughty, Kendall Jenner Booty, Kate Upton See-Through, and Much Much More…

A wise man might have predicted a year ago that the phenomenon of celebrities taking naughty or alluring photos of themselves would have slowly died down, what with all the public and private and backchannel scandals. Thankfully, Egotastic! has no wise men among us. We knew the trend was headed right in the opposite direction. Not only did we predict it, we lit candles and prayed for it.

This week's Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes just a bevy of self-photo'ed celebrity hotness including Rihanna making it rain in a naughty strip club manner, Kendall Jenner in an impossibly tight dress and a bikini, Ashley Tisdale bikini vacation photos, Kate Upton see-through top, and just a bunch more self-published pics that you really must see from a bunch of famous chicks who lust themselves almost as much as you do. Enjoy.

Eliza Doolittle Flashes Her Pretty Panties At the Petrol Station

As far as I can tell, 'Petrol Station' just means 'Gas Station' but even more expensive than here in the States. Still, I'd be willing to pay a few more shillings for me crude if the likes of Eliza Doolittle were at my service station flashing her panties. The cute as a button 23-year old pop star did us the honor of a delightful upskirt as she filled her tires with air, and inflated the air tubes of gentlemen oglers in the vicinity. Yes, I had to say that.

What can we say, we super dig a chick who pumps her own gas, fills her own tires, and wears short skirts to the gas station. And when she flashes her panties, she ought to win some type of award from the oil companies. Enjoy.


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