Eliza Doolittle Wears A Tropical Print Bikini In Miami

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bill-swift - May 29, 2014

English singer and certified hottie Eliza Doolittle was seen frolicking in the Miami Beach surf. She wore a small tropical print bikini. My friends, there was cleavage to be had. Enough for everyone to enjoy seconds at the cleave feast. Eliza's yum yums are the perfect size. Not so small that you can't see them properly and not so large that they cause carpal tunnel syndrome if handled. But the real news is how fantastic her booty looked in the tropical themed bottom. Her backside is as firm and fully packed as a tub of vanilla ice cream and just as delicious. You know, to look at. You know what I mean. I am not familiar with Eliza's songs but when I'm done writing this post I am going to do a search for her videos. My hope is that she is as scantily clad in them as she is on the beach in Miami.

Eliza Doolittle isn't her real name, of course. She took the moniker from the main character in My Fair Lady. Yes, I was a theater major and no, I don't know why my parents let me do that.