Dina Lohan

Make-Out Time is Over! Lindsay Lohan and Mom Dina in Drunken Nightclub Brawl

Oh, these mother daughter love affairs never last too long I suppose. One minute, you’re wasted and kissing your equally wasted emotionally disturbed mother and the next minute you’re in a nightclub brawl over who gets the limo and mom is scratching a gouge into your leg and the police are called.

As you know, for as much as we want to blame Lindsay Lohan for all her troubled behavior, it only takes one look, and breath smell from mom, not to mention dad’s retarded caveman like track record, to know that Lindsay was doomed from the start.

Check out all the details on the Lindsay-Dina Lohan brawl on TMZ.

P.S. Who is paying for all these 911 responses?


Lindsay Lohan and Her Mom Get Drunk, Make Out, Typical Lohan Night Out

Remember when I thought it was kind of creepy that Dina Lohan was approaching 50-years of age and was bleaching her hair and dressing skimpy and doing her makeup to look just like her rehabby daughter Lindsay Lohan?

Yeah, well, those concerns seem like such an innocent distant memory upon seeing Lindsay and her lookalike disturbed mom, Dina, with a little open maw kissing at mom’s 49th birthday party. Was booze served at this event? Hard to say since we only saw empty glasses. And, while we of course condone all sorts of hot mom and daughter sensual play, in fact, we’re willing to pay to see it, we’re still assessing our feelings on this rednecks-on-moonshine ma-daughter makeout sesh. Enjoy.

Photo credit: RumorFix.com / Splash News

Lindsay Lohan Flashes Her Superb Cleavetastic with Creepy Mom Lookalike At Her Side

Ignoring for a moment the creepy fact that Dina Lohan is trying desperately to look like her emotionally imbalanced substance addicted daughter (I mean, that’s a huge ignore, and one wonders how much longer until Dr. Drew steps in with a prognosis of some psychiatric seriousness), Lindsay Lohan, despite ruining her beautiful ginger locks with this completely unnecessary Gentleman Prefer to Bang Blondes new look, well, she still looked pretty damn cleavy and hot last night in and around the hoity toity pimp joints of New York City. Even creepy Single White Female Mom couldn’t put a damper on Lindsay’s melon-ic wonderment display, and, dare we say, throw in a real looking smile and you had the makings of a memorably sexy Lindsay moment. Enjoy.