Danneel Harris

Danneel Harris Bikini Pictures from Maxim

Danneel Harris isn’t as popular as she should be, and judging by these new bikini pictures from Maxim magazine, she should be very, very popular. Then again, after that Danneel Harris nude scene, you’d think she’d be the biggest star in the world, but that didn’t happen either. Just goes to show that the world is frickin’ crazy.


Danneel Harris Nude Video from Ten Inch Hero


O!M!G! You have got to check out this Danneel Harris nude video from the movie Ten Inch Hero. When I say that she has the most incredible body ever, you have no idea how true that is. You may remember Danneel as the super hot and super sexy girl from One Tree Hill or Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, and if you do, then you’ve probably wanted to see Danneel Harris naked for as long as I have. Well, today is your very lucky day.

Now, you’ve probably never heard of this movie, and that’s not surprising, because neither had I. It went straight to video so fast, it skipped the new releases and landed in the back stacks. But we found it, and along with it, Danneel Harris naked, and riding on top of some very, very lucky Douchebag.

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Danneel Harris Nude Scene Talk and Bikini Pictures

Mega-hottie Danneel Harris is in the new issue of Maxim magazine, and let me just say that these Danneel Harris bikini pictures are ridiculously hot. What’s even hotter, though, is the possibility of seeing Danneel Harris nude in Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Danneel told maxim that “once you do a nude scene, it’s hard to go back,” and she’s a sex scene with Kumar, and a bag of weed! Yeah, I thought you’d like that.

Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Danneel Harris – One Tree Hill Hotties do Maxim Magazine

As far as good TV is concerned, One Tree Hill isn’t it. In fact, this season is by far the worst so far, with ever more ludicrous plots, two-dimensional characters, and acting that you can actually see get worse and worse by the minute. But I keep watching for one simple reason. Actually, for three simple reasons. Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Danneel Harris.

Another thing that makes this show pretty unbearable is the product tie-ins that keep finding their way onto this show. I get that most of the show’s audience is impressionable young teenagers (and me), but it’s getting a little ridiculous. Last season was all about Sunkist (as if Sunkist was ever cool), and it looks like this season is all about Maxim Magazine. Though, as far as product placement goes, I guess getting the main characters of the show to strip down to their underwear is probably as good as product placement gets.

Yes, that’s actually one of the current subplots. Local psycho, and all around slut-bag Rachel, played by the incredibly gorgeous Danneel Harris, has entered the Maxim Magazine Hometown Hotties competition, which obviously leads to a sexy, half-naked photoshoot scene. It has also apparently led to the cast of One Tree Hill landing the cover of this month’s Maxim Magazine. And there you have it, product placement at it’s very best.

And here’s a little taste of the supertastic Danneel Harris, getting all maxified from this weeks episode of One Tree Hill. The rest of Danneel can be found after the jump.