Dani Mathers

Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? Oh, Rihanna Grinding a Girl, Emily Ratajkowski Dancing in a Tight Sweater, and Dani Mathers Showing Why She’s PMOY (VIDEO)

I’m really finding more and more that the best stuff on television is really on the Internet. Something like that. All these years storytellers of the sextastic were bound and limited by few, dismissive distribution channels, now, they fly free, unfettered by the space time and major network and studio continuum. Fly free video content birds. Even the Puritans can’t stop us now. Knock on wood, naturally. The battle is far from over.

What short nuggets of celebrity goodness have I been watching most recently? Funny you should ask. Well young hottie model d’jour, Hannah Davis, behind the scenes of her OP beach shoot, Rihanna touching herself and fans on stage in her, let’s face it, concert sex shows, Emily Ratajkowski candidly dancing in a super tight sweater, Dani Mathers showing why she deserved her Playmate of the Year tap, and Bar Refaeli behind the scenes and gym taut for Marie Claire. If you’re wondering why I don’t watch more educational videos, you’re entirely missing the point. This is my education. Yours too. The hard sciences are overrated. Long live hot women. Enjoy.

Dani Mathers Is Your Playboy Playmate Of The Year 2015!

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Every May the folks at Playboy pop the champagne and light the eco-friendly fireworks to announce the honor of Playmate of the Year, one of the richest glamour modeling titles the world over. The PMOY vaults a hot young woman with an outstanding nekkid body into the stratosphere of the legendary, alongside vaunted PMOY names such as Shannon Tweed, Anna Nicole Smith, Jenny McCarthy, and Sara Jean Underwood. Now that’s a hot tub dream of mine right there. Now add to that list the hotness that is Dani Mathers. Wowzer with blonde double funbag twist. She deserves every award out there, in my humble and completely sucking up to Dani Mathers opinion.


Congratulations, Dani. The world ought belong to incredibly hot women who share their unclothed bodies and female wonderments with the world. There may be no greater benevolent gesture. At least none that I’ve been leering at for the past forty-five minutes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy and PlayboyPlus

Dani Mathers Is Still So Damn Hot and Topless (and Playboy.TV Is Still Free!)

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Regular 138 Water pimping model and Playboy hottie Dani Mathers was named Playmate of the Month for 2014, so I’m celebrating by sharing her latest pictorial, a new look of crazy hot Dani in a see-through wet beach outfit for a night shoot. It’s pretty damn wild, and, drawn straight from my late night libido movie festival. I can’t help but feel people are stealing my naughty ideas.

Get Playboy.TV Free For One Week. Gratis! Five-Finger Discount!

The good folks at Playboy.TV are celebrating by extending their promotion of one week of Playboy.TV. for free. If you’ve never seen Playboy.TV, it’s basically gaggles of super sextastic young women getting quite nekkid for shows and shoots and just general water fight good times. Nothing you’d be interested in really. Nah, you’d rather be watching your ice dancing leftover from Sochi on your DVR. I get it. Dani Mathers and I weep for you. Enjoy.

Dani Mathers Bikini Pictures Continue Their Hot Bottled Water Pimping in Venice

I’m quite certain that 138 Water has completed more model photoshoots than they have sold bottles of their elusive fancy water, and with the first part of that, I’m quite happy. I’m not sure why they would need dozens and dozens of hot girls with crazy bodies in bikinis purely for marketing materials, but, again, do not care. Just want to see.

The bodacious blonde Dani Mathers is back this weekend in Venice showing off her supreme boobtastic in support of selling this new invention known as bottled water. As always, I would purchase whatever Dani asked me to. If she licked her lips while she asked me, I’d just give her my ATM PIN number and my card and tell her to buy it herself. Granted, she’d bump up against my $40 max withdrawal bank-imposed limit pretty fast, but I’d sure love to see her lick those lips before she discovered my shameful poverty secret. Enjoy.

Dani Mathers Covered Topless and See-Through Wet T-Shirt Goodness on the Beach

Oh, you cads at 138 Water, finally stepping up your daily promotional shoots with the lusciously bodied Playboy Cybergirl Dani Mathers barely covering her bodacious top, and exposing it in a wet t-shirt shortly thereafter, in prime time pimping of your fancy bottled waters. We remain completely unclear why a bottled water that doesn’t seem to actually be for sale anywhere would need 50-100 prom shoots of hot women, but we don’t really care either.

Ours is not to question why, only to leer and beg for more. With Dani Mathers, there is so much more goodness to receive. And, if anybody from 138 Water is reading and the job of t-shirt douser is available, please, let me know, I work volunteer rates. Enjoy.