Dani Mathers

Dani Mathers Bikini Pictures Continue Their Hot Bottled Water Pimping in Venice

I'm quite certain that 138 Water has completed more model photoshoots than they have sold bottles of their elusive fancy water, and with the first part of that, I'm quite happy. I'm not sure why they would need dozens and dozens of hot girls with crazy bodies in bikinis purely for marketing materials, but, again, do not care. Just want to see.

The bodacious blonde Dani Mathers is back this weekend in Venice showing off her supreme boobtastic in support of selling this new invention known as bottled water. As always, I would purchase whatever Dani asked me to. If she licked her lips while she asked me, I'd just give her my ATM PIN number and my card and tell her to buy it herself. Granted, she'd bump up against my $40 max withdrawal bank-imposed limit pretty fast, but I'd sure love to see her lick those lips before she discovered my shameful poverty secret. Enjoy.

Dani Mathers Covered Topless and See-Through Wet T-Shirt Goodness on the Beach

Oh, you cads at 138 Water, finally stepping up your daily promotional shoots with the lusciously bodied Playboy Cybergirl Dani Mathers barely covering her bodacious top, and exposing it in a wet t-shirt shortly thereafter, in prime time pimping of your fancy bottled waters. We remain completely unclear why a bottled water that doesn't seem to actually be for sale anywhere would need 50-100 prom shoots of hot women, but we don't really care either.

Ours is not to question why, only to leer and beg for more. With Dani Mathers, there is so much more goodness to receive. And, if anybody from 138 Water is reading and the job of t-shirt douser is available, please, let me know, I work volunteer rates. Enjoy.