Courtney Robertson

Courtney Robertson Bikini Pictures Asstastic Toned and Raring to Go in Los Angeles

I can’t remember if Bachelorette contestant Courtney Robertson ever ended up getting married, or was just engaged, or called things off, or got married then learned the minister was actually a defrocked preacher, whatever script line they came up with in the super real and unscripted play out of that show. I only know I really like to see Courtney in a bikini on the beach here in Los Angeles. She has one of those lean, toned, statuesque bikini bodies that I do believe I’d be willing to beg to help rub sunscreen on to protect her from the rays of El Diablo. Oh, especially that tight little thumper.

Reality shows have dumbed down America to the nth degree, but they’ve also brought us an entirely new gaggle of hotties to gawk at. I suppose that’s a fair trade. Without sappy trumped up garbage like the Bachelorette, Courtney Robertson would just be another no-named sextastic bikini hottie at the beach telling me to take a picture because it’ll last longer. This universe is so much better. Enjoy.

Courtney Robertson Bikini Pictures for Bachelorette Beach Body Goodness

She actually may not be the Bachelorette, but actually a bachelorette on the show The Bachelor. I really can’t keep track of such shows, not so long as a sporting event of any kind is playing somewhere on some station. Either way, Courtney Robertson has always been in that category of elite level reality show hotties, with a body to match.

Courtney showed off her sextastic lady form in a small black two piece along the beach. I guess her staged marriage didn’t work out too well, though I suspect she won’t have much trouble finding eligible suitors. I’m penning a little poem about her bikini booty as we speak. I’m hoping it overwhelms her emotionally and she accepts my rose, or, you know, my grabby hands. Enjoy.

Courtney Robertson Bikini Pictures for the Still Very Eligible Bachelorette Win

As you know, with a semi-functioning cerebral cortex still, I have no time for most reality television, so I’ve never had much time to watch who will fall in fake love each season on shows like The Bachelor. But I guess Courtney Robertson won the show by proving her fake love for The Bachelor so they could wait til the show was over to call off their fake engagement. A ruse is a ruse is a ruse, but that is the point of reality television. It’s like buying a professional lady for the evening. At some point, the timer does run out and the compliments go away. So I’m told.

Regardless, we ourselves did fall in lust with Courtney Robertson for mostly just looking so damn good in a bikini, as she proved once again on the beach in L.A. showing off her taut bikini body for the cameras. She may never find true love through a staged television show. And that I suppose is truly sad. But she will find much love here on Egotastic! so long as she keeps that killer body. Enjoy.

Courtney Robertson Bikini Pictures Hot Enough To Almost Consider Marriage

Oh, how the hot women do make men’s minds weak with submission. There’s no reason to be ashamed of the jelly-kneed decisions we make in the face of utter hotness. It’s all part of the sextastic soup that keeps the species intact, even as pride go out the window.

Courtney Robertson is one fine looking Bachelor winner. And, by Bachelor winner, I mean I think she’s legally bound or bound by the laws of Reality TV land now to marry the Bachelor dude who was on the show she ‘won’. As for the dude, well, checking out these Courtney Robertson bikini pictures from Venice Beach yesterday, it’d be a stretch to call him an unlucky fella, even as he stares into the abyss of matrimony. Just the wedding night alone with a woman who looks like that might be worth all the future Honey-Do lists and complaints about socks being left on the floor and lectures about appreciation. As for me, I’m content just to ogle, the best of both worlds. Enjoy.

Courtney Robertson Bikini Pictures Could Make Even the Most Ardent Bachelor Weak in the Pocket

I still can’t figure out the point of the show, The Bachelor. I guess it seems like a show made for women, except it’s all about a dude who gets hot girls to compete for his marital affections, including some bumping of the uglies during the show, then he doesn’t even have to, and often does not, marry the winner. The demo says show for women, the story line sounds kind of like male fantasy. But who am I to judge, except for being a very judgmental kind of guy, natch.

This season, I guess The Bachelor dude picked Courtney Robertson to be his bride, or at least the girl he gets to bang until such time as he breaks up with her before the wedding, and I can’t say I blame the guy, just check out Courtney Robertson in Vegas this weekend in her bikini pimping something at some hotel pool. Just all kinds of hot.

I’m not saying that I’d marry the woman, but I am saying that I’d most definitely pretend to marry her to see that bikini drop in my Vegas hotel room. I could be The Bachelor. I think I just need a better tan. Enjoy.

Courtney Robertson Goes Bridal, I’m Ashamed, But She’s Kind of Pretty Hot

So, sue me. I mean, not literally speaking to you highly paid legal pimped out protectors of secretly sordid celebrities trying desperately to hang on to squeaky clean public reputations, but you, faithful readers, for I’m about to give a thumbs up the you know what to something related to The Bachelor television show.

Yes, yes, shows such as The Bachelor are primarily meant for ladies with Haagen-Dazs filled freezers and battery-powered man-parts with names like ‘My Virtual Lumberjack’, but, I must tell you, this Courtney Robertson who is I suppose the winner or the fake dude bachelor and now seen about town shopping for wedding digs, she’s kind of pretty hot. And when we saw her adjusting her puppies in her virginal whites, well, we just had to share.

And, to answer your next question, no, I don’t have a vagina, I wouldn’t even know what one looks like. Wait… Enjoy.