Courtney Robertson Bikini Pictures Could Make Even the Most Ardent Bachelor Weak in the Pocket

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bill-swift - May 1, 2012

I still can't figure out the point of the show, The Bachelor. I guess it seems like a show made for women, except it's all about a dude who gets hot girls to compete for his marital affections, including some bumping of the uglies during the show, then he doesn't even have to, and often does not, marry the winner. The demo says show for women, the story line sounds kind of like male fantasy. But who am I to judge, except for being a very judgmental kind of guy, natch.

This season, I guess The Bachelor dude picked Courtney Robertson to be his bride, or at least the girl he gets to bang until such time as he breaks up with her before the wedding, and I can't say I blame the guy, just check out Courtney Robertson in Vegas this weekend in her bikini pimping something at some hotel pool. Just all kinds of hot.

I'm not saying that I'd marry the woman, but I am saying that I'd most definitely pretend to marry her to see that bikini drop in my Vegas hotel room. I could be The Bachelor. I think I just need a better tan. Enjoy.