Cinthia Fernandez

Cinthia Fernandez and Andrea Rincon Prove That Dancing Shows Can Be For Men (VIDEO)

Is It Possible to Create a Dance Show for Guys?

You know how we feel about your secret viewing of Dancing with the Stars on TV. Just keep it to yourself and we’re all good. But if we’re talking dancing shows down Sudamericana way, then we can chat about this shizz til our mamas tell us it’s time to come home, because they are making dancing shows most definitely watchable by men.

Programs such as Bailando por un Sueno and other risque dance TV content continue to feature hotties such as Cinthia Fernandez and Andrea Rincon stripping down to their oiled bodies beneath and pretending to shock the pretend judges all of whom are in on this wondrous conspiracy to turn dancing into a thing for guys. Enjoy.

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BY POPULAR DEMAND: Cinthia Fernandez Hard Worked Crotch

Okay, so it wasn’t really popular demand so much as it was long time EgoReader ‘Carlos J.’ who pleaded with us to see some of the hot sweaty workout action from Argentinean dancer and TV personality, Cinthia Fernandez, who has turned her wardrobe malfunction on a dancing show and some very racy celebrity gossip into a series of personal training videos, highlighting how you must just get a wicked hot body like Cinthia if you workout like Cinthia.

Now, Carlos clearly has a thing for sweaty crotches, and we’d like to admonish him on inappropriate staring at the local health club, I mean, we certainly will lecture him, as soon as we can take our eyes off Cinthia Fernandez and those skin tight stretch pants.

Were women working out in stretch pants the invention of the devil to turn good men to impure thoughts? I like to think so. Enjoy.

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Cinthia Fernandez in Januaray’s Caras Argentina

Erika Mitdank and Cinthia Fernandez Lead Argentinean Asstastic Roundup (Courtesy of the Buenos Aires Bunny)

The Best Asses of Argentina in Playboy Argentina
Asstastic on the Inside!

Recently, I was interviewed by a entirely fake new organization that asked me about our journey into the wonderful world of all things Sudamericana hotness and was asked if I could sum up the voyage of sultry-discovery in just one word. I did. Asstastic.

While there has been so much visual dessert to feast upon in our mission to uncover all things Latina celebrity sextastic, if pressed, I have to say, it’s the delicious nutritious badonkadonk that sets the Sudamericana ladies apart in the deep recesses of the Egotastic! libido. The beautiful tan-skinned dumpers of some smoking hot bawdy girls from around or south of the equator. Just impossible to ignore. And, now, Playboy from Argentina has put together some of their tops junksides of Buenos Aires sextastic celebrities, including some of our already favorited Erika Mitdank, Silvina Luna, and Cinthia Fernandez. It’s like a butt buffet and mostly definitely all you can ogle. Enjoy.


Thank God It’s Funbags (TGIF): Cinthia Ferandez Unleashes Her Second Bit of Nekkid Revenge



Earlier this week, we brought you the dirty-dancing to the extreme clip from Argentinean model and TV personality, Cinthia Fernandez, who is apparently hell-bent on getting some revenge on her cheating soccer player boyfriend. Well, welcome to part two of the sweetest revenge. Cinthia Fernandez took to the pages of her homeland’s Playboy magazine this month to flash the goods that soccer-boy will no longer be getting (not that he’s suffering in celibacy. mind you), still, this is the kind of payback plot we can really get behind.

Topless sexy pictures of Cinthia Fernandez, I think we all win. Enjoy.

Cinthia Fernandez Goes Fully Monty on Latina Sexy Version of Dancing With the Stars (VIDEO)


Damn I love Argentinean television. I mean, seriously, ever since I found out I have a long lost cousin down Buenos Aires way, I’ve been trying to reach him to jank up an International Sling Box so I can absorb much more of the Sudamericana version of reality shows where the battles between the ladies are not fought in cheeky interviews in People magazine or some Ryan Seacrest talk show, but on camera, getting all kinds of nekkid.

Remember last week when Victoria Santos leaked topless photos appeared and then it was discovered that the boobtastic TV personality and model was she-banging local soccer star, Jonathan Ferrari, and then she called into a talk show to taunt Ferrari’s equally boobtastic celeb girlfriend, Cinthia Fernandez? Of course you do. Well, what did Cinthia Fernandez do in return? She took it out, sexy Latina style by stripping nekkid on the Argentine version of Dancing with the Stars (oh, so much better than the U.S. version, not really even comparable) in a show of tawdry raunchy dancing funbags and bare lady nest that would actually melt the eyeballs of the FCC if it aired in the U.S.

Well played, Cinthia. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Kristen Cavallari copying any of your moves on DWTS. Enjoy.

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Reader Finds: Izabel Goulart Wet and Hot, Cinthia Fernadez Topless Apple Bites, Cameron Diaz Mystery Dancing, and Teresa Palmer Nekkid Restraints (VIDEO)


Whoa, Nelly. As in Egotastic! reader ‘Nelly G.’ who found these Sports Illustrated outtakes of the amazingly sexy and boobtastic Izabel Goulart in something you might call a bikini or swimsuit or just almost see-through perfection. Oh, Izabel, how you make me want to mispronounce your last name over and over again in our sacred boudoir of making the love.  (UPDATE: These photos were removed at the request of Sports Illustrated)

Muchos muchos gracias to Egotastic! superfan ‘Juni R.’ for reacquainting us with Argentinean naughty reality TV star Cinthia Fernandez (a.k.a. Abby Diaz) who apparently hates clothing and loves to be exposed. Who’s going to argue with that philosophy?

We have no idea where this odd Cameron Diaz dancing in a thin white top clip comes from, neither did EgoFan ‘Swizzle’ who nevertheless had the foresight to share this motion picture of A-Rod’s current five-times a day squeeze and see if anyone out there could figure it out.

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