Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler Bikini Pictures Flash the Pasty Puppies in Hawaii

Now there's something you don't see everyday. Chelsea Handler in a small bikini flashing her large pale melons out on the water. The boozy gossip show hostess who appeals to young women and dramatic men and canned laugh tracks does like to get her clothes off for the occasional censored shower skits on her show, but for the most part, her body is tightly produced just like her show.

But, today, not so much. We get to see the E! channel star paddle boarding in Hawaii, the new favorite recreational activity of celebs on vacation. One we also truly dig when tiny bikinis are involve. So, feast your peeps upon Chelsea Handler and decide what you see. Enjoy.

Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler (Blurred) Nekkid in the Show from ‘Chelsea Lately’

As we mentioned yesterday, we're not particularly down with the cloying Chelsea Handler, but we also recognize that as dudes who yearn for chicks most of the livelong day, we're not the intended audience for her Joan Rivers-light camera mugging act.

However, giving props where due, we did dig her skit with Sandra Bullock from her show opener the other night, the two ladies comedically bantering while nekkid in the shower. And while the parts were blurred, many of you did clamor to see better screen caps from the memorable TV moment, so, like a genie whose bottle has been appropriately rubbed, we deliver. Enjoy.

Jennifer Aniston Nipple Pokes Excited by Sight of Chelsea Handler and Sandra Bullock (Blurred) Nekkid in the Shower (VIDEO)

Oh, this is complicated. But it really must start with the fact that we really don't like Chelsea Handler much. I mean, we like the boozy slutty parts. That's a given for any of the fairer sex. But her show, man, oh, man. Granted, it's not really intended for a straight male audience. Not in the least. But that laugh track over the... well, that's beside the point. For from craptastic always inevitably comes some goodness.

To kick off her new sound stage design for her show, Chelsea Handler booked a big guest, Jennifer Aniston, who brought along her prodigiously pointy nips, the ones we've seen poking through many a top over the year, and they were on excellent TV display during Chelsea's show last night (see above).

And, we must reluctantly admit, the nekkid shower skit with Sandra Bullock was pretty funny to open the show. Granted, the blur killed 92% of the fun, but it was still worth imagining Sandra Bullock in the raw flesh (and for those of you who imagine Chelsea, go for that as well).

Do be warned that the video runs the entire length of her show, but the skit is at the very beginning...

See Chelsea and Sandra Bullock Nekkid in the Shower »

The Friday Four: Must See Pictures of Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Aguilera, Chelsea Handler, and Michelle Hunziker

It's been quite a week for the former Disney starlet turned Internet self-photographer turned Sucker Punch movie launcher, all of which led her on to the Conan O'Brien show where the newly minted 'all-grow'd up' Vanessa Hudgens flashed some upskirt for the nationwide audience. Actually kind of a demure pose for Vanessa, all things considered.

Speaking of tough weeks, or months, or maybe even the past year, Christina Aguilera has been through the entire celebrity shame spiral, but, through it all, she remains a vocalist a good league beyond her peers and with an ogle-worthy rack, as in this promo photo for her new show, 'The Voice".

Yes, yes, I know. She's not funny. And that laugh track played over her live audience over her tired Britney Spears jokes and the Madame Tussuad level make-up job and banging the head of E! to get ahead, yes, I get it. But, some of you still lust Chelsea Handler. And, well, celebrity nipple pokes are ogle-worthy. So, for some of you out there -- go to town.

I lust Michelle Hunziker. The Swiss-German-Italian border blonde hottie TV hostess and model. I'm not sure why she hasn't blown up more worldwide, but her pictures in this months Sette magazine are a solid reason why every man, woman loving woman, and suckling child on this planet ought dig the heck out of Michelle.

Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures and Nipple Pokes South of the Border (Wtih Bonus Chelsea Handler Bikini Pictures)

Stressed from all the P.R. pretending about being on the receiving end of her hot leading men bone, Jennifer Aniston packed up her purple bikini and headed down to Cabo for a little rest and masturbation relaxation. As I always stated, no matter how much we kid Jennifer Aniston about always being a bridesmaid, check out these Jennifer Aniston bikini pictures; the woman has kept herself in mighty fine shape, from her omnipresent powerhouse nipple pokes to her delightful boobs and taut body. Definitely not bad for 40. Not bad at all. Enjoy.

Chelsea Handler packed some junk in her trunk and came along for the joint Mexican vacation with Jennifer Aniston. Consider these Chelsea Handler bikini pictures a bonus, depending upon your preference. Personally, despite despising her laugh-track brand of lowest common denominator comedy, I have gained a new found respect for Chelsea Handler's talent, you know, since the sex tape.

Photo credit: Splash News

Chelsea Handler Topless and Having Sex on Camera Yet Again (VIDEO)


To be fair to Chelsea Handler, this latest sex tape discovery is not a sex tape at all, it's a piece of cinematic art, really really bad cinematic art. Look, you want to see Chelsea Handler topless pictures, you want to see her boobs in a movie, but, trust me, you do not want to sit through the masterpiece that is not, The Plotters (2001). There's nothing funny about Chelsea Handler's boobs. Or Chelsea Handler for that matter. Still, consider me curious enough to take a fun-bag-gander at this sixty-seconds of worthwhile footage from the film d'late-night cinema. Enjoy.

Chelsea Handler Sex Tape First Uncensored Look (RadarOnline Exclusive to Egotastic!)


Have you seen Chelsea Handler lately? Not like this.

I'm no big fan of Chelsea Handler. She seems like a cool chick to grab a beer with, but her upper limits of talent are Britney-Spears-is-a-mess jokes. Heck, when he's sober, even my sexually ambiguous poda-masseuse, Riley, can knock out a decent Britney Spears slam. But one thing Riley definitely can not do is create a sex tape that anybody would care to see. The Chelsea Handler sex tape is quite different. The world has been buzzing over this bit of forthcoming celebrity boot knocking for some time now. Thanks to our friends at RadarOnline, we have our first uncensored look at the boob-shaking, trunk junking of the current darling of the television talk show, Chelsea Handler.

According to RadarOnline's exclusive story, the full Chelsea Handler sex tape is to be released any moment now by an as yet unnamed party. But Radar was kind enough to share the first views of Chelsea Handler nude with Egotastic! so readers can be the first at their place of work or schooling to tell their buddies, 'Hey, you know that Chelsea Handler chick? Yep, saw her getting her 3,000 mile tuneup.' Hey, we're not CNN. We give you the important stuff.

We'll update as the situation warrants (that's official speak for when we can see more boobs.)

Click here to see additional still photos of Chelsea Handler in her Sex Tape and read the full story on RadarOnline