Catherine Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley Gets Cleavy in a Orange Maxi Dress

Preeya Kalidas, Brooke Vincent, and Catherine Tyldesley Mega-Cleave Up the British Soap Awards

Soap stars abroad don’t even have to get nekkid to dominate our homegrown U.S. afternoon drama thespianics. Just check out the amazing displays of racktastic at this weekend’s British Soap Awards, featuring the twin-turbine cleavetastic wonderments of Preeya Kalidas, Brooke Vincent, and Catherine Tyldesley, all showing off mega fun baggery on the red carpet of the annual event. It was really a red carpet for the ages. And for people who didn’t mind their eyes popping out of their respective sockets.

Oh, man, we do so love boobs here. Enjoy.


Hotter Workout in the Park Pose: Holly Madison Half-Scorpion or Catherine Tyldesley Downward Facing Cleavetastic

Work it,girls. Stretch. Stretch. Oh, yes, I can feel the burn.

We do so love when boobtastic celebrities take their workouts public by way of the public park. It just removes so many potential obstacles between our ogling eyes and the objects of our leers, in this case, Girl Next Door Playboy alum, Holly Madison showing us exactly why she gets so many famous boyfriends:

And Coronation Street thespianic Catherine Tyldesley showing us why some of the world’s best flesh puppies can be seen on the British boob tube:

Catherine Tyldesley Works Out in Manchester

Catherine Tyldesley and Sacha Parkinson Battle It Out for Hottest Soap Star at the Ball

You know when we get to sipping our room temperature IPAs and tilting our 42-foot satellite dish toward the Old Country to catch our soaps, well then it’s time to get serious. The Britty soaps bring out the mega hotties among their own kind to portray the various female characters in their craptastic programs, not the least of which are Catherine Tyldesley and Sacha Parkinson, from Coronation Street, both wicked hot, the latter of whom forming one half of our favorite Sapphic teenager power TV couple in the world.

The two young ladies of Coronation Street were in Manchester for the Gavin Blyth Memorial Ball, to which I’m sure my invite got lost in the air mail somewhere. Alas, because how much fun it would have been to stare into the cleavage of these two sextastic soapy stars all evening long. Enjoy.

Catherine Tyldesley Flashes Ego-Worthy Cleavetastic at Coronation Street X-Mas Party

Oh, how we’ve rejoiced in our sexy discovers within the soapy confines of U.K. television. They really do no how to pick them, most notably, Coronation Street, from which we’ve previously brought you the super hot Michelle Keegan, the onscreen young lesbionic delights of Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent, and the epic boobtastic of Helen Flanagan, and, now, add to that hotties-to-trotty list, Catherine Tyldesley, young but veteran TV star who joined the cast of Coronation Street just this past year. Catherine wasted no time in making her visual exhibition mark, attempting to steal the show at the cast Christmas Party by way of ginormous cleavage.

We can’t say for sure she outdid her C.S. counterparts, but we can say Catherine Tyldesley earned herself a definite welcome to Egotastic!. Enjoy.