Catherine Tyldesley and Sacha Parkinson Battle It Out for Hottest Soap Star at the Ball

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bill-swift - February 22, 2012

You know when we get to sipping our room temperature IPAs and tilting our 42-foot satellite dish toward the Old Country to catch our soaps, well then it's time to get serious. The Britty soaps bring out the mega hotties among their own kind to portray the various female characters in their craptastic programs, not the least of which are Catherine Tyldesley and Sacha Parkinson, from Coronation Street, both wicked hot, the latter of whom forming one half of our favorite Sapphic teenager power TV couple in the world.

The two young ladies of Coronation Street were in Manchester for the Gavin Blyth Memorial Ball, to which I'm sure my invite got lost in the air mail somewhere. Alas, because how much fun it would have been to stare into the cleavage of these two sextastic soapy stars all evening long. Enjoy.