Carrie Ann Inaba

Carrie Ann Inaba Upskirt Makes Daytime Television Almost Watchable

Outside of the few day-afters hurling on the couch after late night at JonJon’s House of Luke Warm Sushi, I can’t say that I watch much daytime television. Just enough to know how to take care of my monthly bloating, and, no more. But I can tell you that I’ve never quite figured out how the morning talk shows put these lady hosts in super short dresses and plant them on raised chairs or stools, and expect them to keep their legs crossed through entire five to seven minute segments. That shit has to hurt.

Well, the pros like Kelly Ripa, they could keep those upskirt flashes at bay for hours if need be, their legs are somehow divinely forged in some manner that allows them to prevent panties peeks on the air, no matter the cost to their circulatory system. But for newcomer and guest host hottie Carrie Ann Inaba of Dancing With the Stars judging fame, yeah, not quite that perfect. Those legs start to pain and swell and you think you can get away with one quick leg alternation on live camera and… gotcha! Enjoy.

(Thanks to EgoReader ‘Ronnie Z.’ for this find early this morning.)

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