Carla Gugino

Carla Gugino (Covered) Topless Sexy Spread for Esquire

Do you love sexy actresses with glorious bosoms tease-flashing their delicious bodies in fun little magazine pictorials? Well, if you’re still breathing, you surely do.

Underrated hottie and all around boobtastic showgirl, Carla Gugino, used nothing but a little bedsheet in her Esquire photoshoot to cover up her better parts, but still provide a stiffie-man’s ogle of one of the best curvy bodies in Hollywood; this Californication and Entourage actress is not afraid to show off her wares. We firmly applaud. Enjoy.

MSM Weekly Roundup Includes Katie Cassidy, Sandra Lavoie, and Carla Gugino (VIDEO)


Fridays before a holiday weekend are the absolute best. Such hope. Such promise. Such visions of semi-drunken women in bikini tops at barbecue pool parties (not necessarily parties I’ll be invited to, but I can peek over into my neighbors backyard and see his gathering of such) whilst in the evenings I’ll be enjoying some cinematic skintastic delights with a menu ordering assist courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin and their Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s sixty seconds of celluloid skin includes Monte Carlo co-star Katie Cassidy in her only topless role to date, newcomer Sandra Lavoie on top, and Carla Gugino flashing the wet bare asstastic. Enjoy.
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MSM Weekly Movie Roundup Features Carla Gugino, Nicky Whelan, and Laura Ramsey (VIDEO)


Blessed be the end of this week, the last full week of Spring, the time before the Summer of wardrobe malfunctions, and blessed be our friends at Mr. Skin and their Mr. Skin Minute for previewing this week’s must-see-fleshtastic DVD releases.

This week’s min-of-skin includes a black and white and hot all over Carla Gugino, the at-home-movie release of Nicky Whelan boobtastic, and newcomer Laura Ramsey in an Irish flash that is truly rack-inspiring.
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Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung Lead Gaggle of Girls at Sucker Punch Premiere

We’ve been seeing the posters for forever now. Hot girls, guns toted, skin tight body suits… Sucker Punch. I’m still looking forward to this movie as I’ve been for months now, though I must say I was slightly disappointed that the girls of Sucker Punch: Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Carla Gugino, Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, and Jena Malone chose to go super conservative to the premiere last night. Maybe it has something to do with downplaying recent scandals and such, but I’d like my kick-ass hotties to look a little more like kick-ass hotties, if you please. Still, veteran stunner Diane Lane and sexy Malin Akerman did arrive to lend their sextastic support to the entire event, and there was still ample opportunity for Hollywood actress orgy fantasies to leap and abound. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame / Splash News

Carla Gugino Kinks Up the Pages of Esquire Mexico (BONUS VIDEO)


The Carla Gugino star is rocketing in Hollywood, what with her recurring TV roles on Entourage and Californication and featured in the upcoming mega films Sucker Punch and Mr. Popper’s Penguins, you’re going to be seeing a lot of this actress hottie, and hopefully a lot more of her close to how she appears in the new Esquire Mexico, in fetishy leather lingerie, something I thought only my mind could conjure up, but, behold, is live her in the pages of a magazine. Good god, bless you kinky photojournalists. And, enjoy.

For those of you who have never had the full topless Carla Gugino experience, well, Sin City is a very good place to start, and stop, and stare.

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Carla Gugino’s Nipples are in the Details


A very underated actress we don’t often get to talk about is Carla Gugino. She’s got to be one of the sexiest women in the world, and the fact that you can actually see Carla Gugino’s nipples in these pictures from Details magazine is even sexier. Now that’s what I call paying attention to the details… Yeah, that joke was lame, but what do you expect. It’s harder than you think to keep coming up with original jokes about nipples.