Camille Piazza

Camille Piazza Back in Sextastic Swimsuits for the Ladies and Gentleman Oglers Alike

We first met tall brunette Aussie model Camille Piazza on Valentine’s Day of this year. Then, like most every single one of my Valentine’s dates ever, she disappeared and I just expected to never see her again. But now this bodacious sultry hottie is back for an Aqua Blu bikini shoot and looking every bit as hot as I remember her.

Granted, this catalog shoot is clearly meant for the ladies, as evidenced by the lack of nekkid evidence, but even in a relatively tame swimsuit shoot, Camille Piazza has the body and allure that has me swimming with ideas of how I’d lust to see Camille in the coming year. A little less material, a whole lot more memorable. Let us light a candle in this regard. Enjoy.

Camille Piazza Lingerie Pictures for a Hot Bodied Sultry All Over Introduction

Sextastic, alluring, supremely hot, Australian model Camille Piazza, about time you showed your face, err, body around these parts.

Talk about more thunder from Down Under, Camille drops a whole heaping double handful of pure lust inducement in her Aubade lingerie and swimwear collection pictorial, making at least this man stand up and admit, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have stood up so quickly in a public place after checking out hot pictures of Camille’.

We know a thing or two about simply amazing bodies. You yourself likely have a Masters degree in examining the female form. So you can judge as well. But if the verdict isn’t ‘Guilty of Inflaming Men’s Passions’ then I have to question your jurisprudence. Enjoy.