Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent Flashes Hot Tummy and Bra During Celebrity Soccer Match

I happen to have a major thing for Brooke Vincent, one half of the young lesbian lovers couple on Coronation Street, the British soap that you should be watching, if for no other reason, than to see Brooke Vincent and another chick.

Brooke has one ridiculously hot body, that she put on best display possible during a celebrity soccer match in the U.K., lifting her shirt and her shorts, to give about as much skin as you’ll see in women’s soccer, short of lean muscular girls ripping off their jerseys every four years after winning the World Cup. Still, none of them look like Brooke Vincent. Or wear girly bras to flash under their tops. Every now and then the sport of soccer does offer up some promise of watchability. This is one of those moments. Enjoy.

Preeya Kalidas, Brooke Vincent, and Catherine Tyldesley Mega-Cleave Up the British Soap Awards

Soap stars abroad don’t even have to get nekkid to dominate our homegrown U.S. afternoon drama thespianics. Just check out the amazing displays of racktastic at this weekend’s British Soap Awards, featuring the twin-turbine cleavetastic wonderments of Preeya Kalidas, Brooke Vincent, and Catherine Tyldesley, all showing off mega fun baggery on the red carpet of the annual event. It was really a red carpet for the ages. And for people who didn’t mind their eyes popping out of their respective sockets.

Oh, man, we do so love boobs here. Enjoy.


WARNING: Brooke Vincent Bikini Vacation Photos May Cause Carpet Munchies

Last week, we have the privilege to see Sacha Parkinson in her bikini on vacation, now, the other half of the Coronation Street lesbionic teen power couple, Brooke Vincent, took to the beaches of Cyprus for some fun time in the sun time, flashing her Oh My’s and Hot Wow’s and every other treat that must have the ogling gentlemen, let alone the Sapphic set, drooling over their morning tea for just a chance to peek.

Why any women would not be of the girl-on-girl singular desirous category, I know not. Though assuredly I am quite thankful it is not so. Enjoy.

LESBIONICS: Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson Get Soapy Sapphic Sweet for Diva

If you’ve been keeping up with your British soaps, then you know about the super-scissor-kissing relationship on Coronation Street between the teen characters portrayed by real life teen actress hotties Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson. This ain’t your average pair of kitty-kissers either; these girls are ridiculously sexy (and legal now, thank you very much) and have been stoking the fires in the press about how perhaps their TV roles have translated into the real world, i.e., going down to carpet town in an Indigo Girls taxi. They did so again as part of this gay-focused Diva magazine photoshoot. Okay, let me say, I know I’m going to receive letters from some of you explaining to me how idiotic it is for men to have naughty-boo-boo fantasies about getting it on with vag-only couples since they will never be with a man. Well, let me tell you about two brothers named Wright who were told they were crazy to think they could fly…Enjoy.