Brittny Gastineau

Brittny Gastineau Steps Out in a Black Swimsuit

Reality TV star Brittny Gastineau went for a day at the beach in Miami in a swimsuit that was only half there. There were holes all over the thing that showed off plenty of skin. The first thing that pops out are her huge ta-tas and I do mean busting out literally. You can see part of her nips in a couple of pictures. Is there anything greater in this world than a nip slip? It’s like adult horndog Christmas. This is especially true when the boobs in question are mammoth sized jugs like Brittny’s. There is also some fairly awe inspiring cleavage for our viewing pleasure.

Personally, I also enjoy her shapely booty, that is so also mostly hanging out. I like a girl with a bit of the old junk in the trunk. Much like her friend Kim K, Brittny’s booty is a work of art.

Brittny Gastineau See-Through and Braless Leaving the Chateau

I can’t remember what Brittny Gastineau does any longer. She used to model and hang out with Paris Hilton and I think was on a reality show. Not sure anymore, but I suppose most of that falls by the wayside anyhow when she steps out in a see-through top with no bra on as she did last night leaving the Chateau Marmont.

Now, I’m not saying what a woman does for her professional pursuits aren’t every bit as important as how often she flashes her boobtastic in public, I’m just saying, I really only have time to investigate one of those. I choose the latter. Keep up the good work, Brittny. Enjoy.