Brittny Gastineau Sheer Tank Top No Bra No Problem

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bill-swift - March 9, 2016

Let's call Brittny Gastineau officially back. Not sure where she went. Some personal relationship mishaps. And she doesn't really have a job, but the Kim Kardashian friend and model daughter and reality show erstwhile hot bodied brunette took her two funbags out for a stroll last night in a tank top sheet and tight flashing all kinds of wonderful to the world.

Five years ago Brittny was all the TV rage. Being a second generation model and mammarially engorged hottie doesn't hurt. It's nice to see her back to her old ways. Exhibitionism is always the answer. Well, not to every problem in life, but to what ails the gentleman ogler. Two thumbs up on the wardrobe selection. Bras are badly overrated. Horrible wretched bits of nylon and elastic. I banish them from my fantasy kingdom. Brittny, I can cup those for you later if you require more support. Am I selfless? Let's just say I'm a concerned citizen. Just doing my job, ma'am. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash