Blake Lively

Blake Lively Chesty While Visiting “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”

Former Gossip Girl star Blake Lively was looking chesty as heck during a visit to the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. She wore a black, green, and yellow dress and no bra whatsoever. The result was some cleav for the ages. I’ve been a fan of Blake’s yum yums since way back. My wife loved Gossip Girl and I would sit through it partially out of love for my wife and partly from my love of looking at Blake in scantily clad outfits. Especially in the early days when she was in a skimpy private school girl uniform. Oof! That was seriously hot. But all these years later and she’s still dead sexy. Maybe it’s the glow of recent motherhood or whatever but she is looking mighty tasty.

I look forward to her moving into serious roles where she takes her clothes off. You know, for art.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/INF/Splash

Blake Lively Preggo Cleavo Hotto at the Angel Ball

The gushing celebrity world is gushing this morning about how husband Ryan Reynolds couldn’t keep his eyes off of his glowing bride last night at the Angel Ball in Manhattan. I know just how he feels, albeit us gentleman oglers were probably a little less respectful in the angle of our glance toward Blake Lively now extra curvy in anticipation of the miracle of child birth. Blake has always been on of my faptastic favorites and now with the addd glow of chesty abbondanza which she was flashing in all kinds of directions last evening.

There’s nothing more sextastic than an attractive woman who knows she looks amazing looking amazing. Well, for me, you throw in the sweet designs of pregnancy and something ever deeper comes alive. That sounded wrong, or maybe it was right on point. I do so love the glowing ladies with the swollen mams. Thanks to now seven years of therapy, I’m no longer ashamed to admit it. Blake, be my wet nurse! Enjoy.

Blake Lively Shows Some Cleavage at Chime For Change Gala in NYC

The very sexy Blake Lively brought her ta-tas partly out of her shirt at the Chime for Change gala in New York City. But it’s OK, it was for charity. Blake was sporting a short yellow dress that has a peek-a-boo window that runs down the canyon of her boob valley. There is some pretty intense cleav action happening in that dress. I’m sure her funbags helped raise a lot of money. I will freely admit that I used to watch Gossip Girl. Why? Because it had Blake Lively in it in various states of undress, that’s why. Plus all the other hot chicks on that show like Leighton Meester. I even went to see that crappy Green Lantern movie in the theaters so that I could see Blake’s yum yums up on the big screen. Ryan Reynolds must actually have a magic ring in real life to have somehow scored Blake Lively. I’m sure the fact that he’s really handsome and has a lot of money helps too.

I’ve been thinking I need to be more charitable lately. If ladies are dressing like this at charity events, I will gladly volunteer my time and energy for the boobs…I mean…cause.

Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lawrence, Salma Hayek Highlight the Hotness on the Cannes Red Carpet

Sure, Cannes has more attitude than a sorority senior council meeting, but that doesn’t mean the fancy film festival doesn’t bring out the super hotties from all corners of the globe to get decked out and walk the wide crimson carpet.  It seems as if every A-listed (on down to D-lister) is in Cannes this week wearing somebody famous and bedecked in jewels for the ten thousand paparazzi cameras. And, naturally, some of them caught our eye more than others over the weekend, including Blake Lively, Eva Longoria Jennifer Lawrence, Adriana Lima, Hilary Swank and others showing off their barest finest gala ware for the oohs and aahs of the assembled crowd and the worldwide leering audience.

My memories of Cannes are less glitzy gowns and more rocky public beaches and funny looking police hats shooing me here and there. But one day I would like to be the escort of one of these sextastic celebrities smiling broadly on the carpet as I whisper naughty suggestions into their ears. I assume that’s what everybody is telling each other in their ears as they make their way down the promenade. All I need now is the girl, and the super important movie that nobody will ever see. One of those will be easier than the other. Enjoy.

Blake Lively Owns the Red Carpet For Mr. Turner in Cannes

I’ve really missed Blake Lively. She’s gone into semi-hiding the past couple of years, her and her long legs and hot body and alluring looks and poses. But when the gong sounds and it’s time for decked out A-lister on the red carpet, you can bet Blake will be there schooling the lesser girls in the art of winning every photographer’s attention.

So it was at the Cannes premiere for Mr. Turner, where Blake wore something expensive and important, I’m sure, but more importantly reminded me why I had her name henna tattooed onto a body part that is technically illegal to do in the Lower 48. Blake, someday, I’d love to have you as my dolled up arm candy to one of the important events I attend. Like the retro-arcade opening I’m going to next week, or waiting in line at the Donut shop for the first morning batch. I like to take my ladies around town to show them off. Call me, I’ll make you feel like a woman. Enjoy.

Blake Lively, Kendall Jenner, and Adele Exarchopoulos Highlight the Hotness at the ‘Grace Of Monaco’ Cannes Premiere

I can’t say Cannes is exactly where’d you expect to see Kendall Jenner, but what the heck. Tall, pretty, 18-year old girls are pretty much welcome anywhere they want to go. Blake Lively was also in attendance at the Grace of Monaco premiere at Cannes and she can light up a red carpet with hotness like nobody’s business. Joining the twosome in the sextastic was cleavy Adele Exarchopoulos from only one of the best erotic lesbionic films of last year that broke big at Cannes.

Quite an assembly at the snooty French film festival that does delight our visual senses annually with many of the world’s hottest women getting decked out to walk its massive red carpets. It’s a square deal for us gentleman oglers, especially since we’re never forced to go see these films lauded at Cannes as must-sees. No sir, bring me Godzilla! Enjoy.

Blake Lively Is Back (Well, Her Hot Legs Are)

We’ve really and truly missed former Gossip Girl super leggy hottie, Blake Lively. Ever since the photo scandal and the marriage, she’s kind of taken her hot self off the radar of the sextastic, which has been kind of sad, especially for our lonely radar which doesn’t ask for much, but really misses Blake as well.

The statuesque hottie was in Paris at some froufrou event that I’m sure I was not only not invited to, but probably put on the banned list. I’m glad I didn’t purchase my one-hour Hyperloop ticket to Paris before I found out. Though I truly would have loved to see Blake’s heavenly gams on display at the event. Some of the finest celebrity legs in the known universe and perhaps even in the unknown universe. I wouldn’t know. I only know I want to slather them in honey and play Pooh Bear has a rumbly tummy with Blake. Call me, Blake. I’ve already got the honey. Enjoy.