Blake Lively

Blake Lively Is Back (Well, Her Hot Legs Are)

We've really and truly missed former Gossip Girl super leggy hottie, Blake Lively. Ever since the photo scandal and the marriage, she's kind of taken her hot self off the radar of the sextastic, which has been kind of sad, especially for our lonely radar which doesn't ask for much, but really misses Blake as well.

The statuesque hottie was in Paris at some froufrou event that I'm sure I was not only not invited to, but probably put on the banned list. I'm glad I didn't purchase my one-hour Hyperloop ticket to Paris before I found out. Though I truly would have loved to see Blake's heavenly gams on display at the event. Some of the finest celebrity legs in the known universe and perhaps even in the unknown universe. I wouldn't know. I only know I want to slather them in honey and play Pooh Bear has a rumbly tummy with Blake. Call me, Blake. I've already got the honey. Enjoy.

Blake Lively Cleavetastic Domination at ‘Turbo’ Premiere

Turbo of course is the latest talking animal animation fare. I imagine animation film meetings always begin with 'hey, what kind of animal haven't we had talk yet in a movie?'. Snail. That's Turbo. But, more important than the hackneyed Hollywood approach to film invention, was the exhibition of cleavetastic wonderment put on by the ever lovely Blake Lively at the film premiere last night.

Now, Blake has been out of the public eye pretty much since marrying Ryan Reynolds last fall. Not sure if they're just one of those 'private couples' that eschews the Hollywood limelight for a couple years until they realize people stopped caring then they freak out and do everything they can to become popular again. Or, if maybe they've just been off fishing in a remote South Seas extended vacation. Either way, it's a blessing to have Blake and that body boobtastic of hers back in the spotlight. Even for a talking snail movie. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Flashing a Little Slip, Blake Lively Short Skirt, and Rita Ora Cleavage Highlight the Sound of Change Concert

Billed as an event to support women and girls worldwide, a cause we believe in by our very sole purpose in life, to adore the ladies, the Sound of Change concert in London brought out a bevy of female superstars determined to do their part. And, of course, we did check out the parts, provided finely by Jennifer Lopez who either had a wardrobe malfunction of meant to show off what looks like a good part of her nips, Blake Lively who has nothing to do with music but she wore a very short skirt and we dig her so deeply, and Rita Ora, the big 'it' girl in pop music who is not shy about showing off skin. A

All in all I have to call the event a major success for women, and, as a relatively nice byproduct, the gentleman oglers who love them. Enjoy.

Blake Lively Gets Paid to Have Nice Legs (and Earns Her Paycheck)

We've really kind of missed Blake Lively as well. Not sure why the long legged statuesque hottie went on the down low in the past year or so. Perhaps the reveal of her intimate topless photos or maybe her complicated love life, or what her P.R. agent would likely call a 'hectic schedule'. But we've missed sextastic Blake, most definitely including those long never-ending legs of hers, on fine display during a photoshoot in The Big Apple.

And fine gams indeed. Just by my calculations, if I began literally inching my way up her legs at the ankles, I could be in heaven by lunch time. That might sound sexually suggestive, so I guess this post gets an R-rating. Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood Panties Flash, Blake Lively Bikini Hotness, and Bar Refaeli Working Out Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Wow, what a week for the sextastic celebrities bringing the heat of the camera lens upon themselves. Maybe it's because Spring has sprung, or maybe it's just because egos only grow with sunlight, but some of our very favorite hotties took some amazing photos of their own hot selves this past week and just had to share them with their adoring fans. Whoever tried to raise a generation of girls not needing public affirmation of your looks, to be honest, you have failed. Thankfully.

This week's Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Christina Milian bikini body madness, Kendall Jenner leggy teen hotness, Blake Lively bikini sextastic, Sara Jean Underwood tight little dress upskirt, Bar Refaeli sweating for her body, Rosa Acosta looking curvy as ever, Hayden Panettiere looking minxy as ever, and a ton more. You owe it to the tree gods of the Vernal Equinox to gaze upon each and every one of these springing forth self-publish pictures. Enjoy.

Blake Lively Cleavetastic and Wicked Hot at Some Fancy Chanel Party in N.Y.

Blake Lively Topless
Purported Additional Leaked Photos of Woman That Looks An Awful Lot Like Blake Lively
Blake Lively topless cellphone pics were the highlight of 2011. Read More »

Oh, man, we do so dig Blake Lively. We prefer the nekkid on her cellphone Blake Lively to most all else, and we could do without her new elebrity marriage to Ryan Reynolds, though that shouldn't last too long, but we simply can not get the image of her dancing around out of our head, I mean, her literally dancing on our head, a lap dance maybe to a 3/4 beat maybe.

At an uptown Chanel Party in N.Y. last night where rich and fancy people go to talk about how much they care about the little people, Blake looked all kinds of cleave flashing and body rocking and all around lust inducing in some open front dress that made us want to accidentally spill Clamato® on her frontside and then offer to dab, and not with a napkin. Because everything is better with a dash of clam! Enjoy.

Blake Lively Still Cleavy Leggy Hot on Set of ‘Gossip Girl’

Our lust for Blake Lively can survive pretty much anything. Anti-Blake folks out there who think she's not all that. The fact that she's on a TV show that you'd have to pluck our toenails out to make us watch, and even then it'd be a 50-50 proposition. Serving for a while as beard for Leo DiCaprio. All of that. Forget it, our lust was there in the beginning, and when we got to see her topless cell phone pics, well, the deal was sealed.

So, yes, our pot is stirred when we catch Blake flashing some chest and legs on the set of Gossip Girl, a reminder of our painful longing to be loin-to-loin with the sextastic blonde, and, the rest of the world be damned. The Do Not Disturb sign is hanging. Enjoy.