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Billie Faiers Bikini Cleavage Drops Filming With TOWIE Girls in the Canaries

The reality show phenomenon The Only Way is Essex continues to appeal in Britain for the very same reason they do in the U.S. or any other country in the word. Busty girls showing off their melons in scene after scene of manufactured reality. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, I like a little story with my prurient peeks and ogling. It helps to focus the eyesight.

Billie Faiers and her chesty cohorts made their way about various staged settings in bikini tops flashing all kinds of cleavage in Tenerife to remind viewers why they’re watching TOWIE instead of Sherlock Holmes or Downton Abbey. Consider us reminded. It’s elementary, my dear Watson. Sextastic sells. And these girls aren’t being pulled away from shooting for pressing movie roles. Enjoy.

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Busty Sisters Sam And Billie Faiers Debut Sam’s New Lash Line In London

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Billie Faiers Lingerie Pictures Just in Time for Christmas Cleavage Spectacular

It’s been another solid year of boobtastic contributions from the girls of The Only Way Is Essex, just big ole funbags in all manners of display. But perhaps no display finer than TOWIE Billie Faiers in her cleavetastic lingerie appearance in Nuts magazine.

Now, you know we love glorious funbags, we so desperately dig hot British birds, and we are abnormally large fans of lingerie, so when you mix the three together, we’ve got little to say but ‘thank you, Santa’. Enjoy.

Billie Faiers Lingerie Pictures May Be Slightly Touched, But So Will You After Checking Them Out

Granted, there’s a lot you can do with photos post-production by way of modern day software. Heck, in my last Christmas family photo with all seventeen of my court-attributed illegitimate children from around the world, the guy at Sears was kind enough to Photoshop a smile on my face and a Great Dane laying at my feet to give me the look of humanity. It was a stretch, but considering the deep discount coupon I was using, I appreciated his extra effort. So, yeah, these lingerie pictures of the crazy busty Billie Faiers of The Only Way is Essex fame from our friends at Nuts are slightly glamorized, but they’re still pretty damn effin’ hot.

Women always complain about how women in magazines are so airbrushed that they’re unreal. Well, little secret, first off, they airbrush women far more for women’s magazines than they do for men’s eyeballs. And, second, men are not deep thinkers when it comes to viewing sextastic women. We can work around a few reality violations without knee jerk skepticsim ruining our, well, above the knee jerking. Enjoy.

Billie Faiers Lingerie Hotness Deserves TOWIE Attention

Thanks to a bunch of EgoReaders who would like to remind everyone that for all my lust of various The Only Way is Essex hot reality trained monkeys, I’ve completely overlooked and under-reported on the hotness of one Billie Faiers, sister of the often more televised Sam Faiers, but one helluva hottie in her own right.

And, while you don’t need to know the details of her drinking and partying and buxom blonde hottie ways, you should pay attention to her revealing and memorable lingerie photos from our friends at Nuts who capture the TOWIE naughtiness with sheer silky perfection. At least, I’m on my eleventh view of these photos here and I can’t find a flaw. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Eniko Mihalik Topless, Stacy Keibler Fine-Arsed, Hannah Simone Nip Slip on New Girl, and Much Much More…

Naughty Naughty Readers!

Oh yes, our most favorite time of the week, our four-times monthly Christmas as we see it, the moment at which Kismet meets Karma meets a whole lot of hot celebrity skin thanks to the Magellan like circumnavigation of the nekkid celebrity world at the hands of our own Readers, digging deep and wide for some shots of the deep and wide to share with their millions of peers. I think I’m going to cry.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the newly discovered talents of Eniko Mihalik on full display, equally luscious breaking big model Nina Agdal  topless, Elizabeth Gillies exceptionally hot, Brittney Palmer sexy re-creation of Showgirls poses, musically inclined Skylar Grey sideboob, TOWIE sister Billie Faiers topless swimming pool party, Hannah Simone slipping nip on New Girl, Stacy Keibler fine-arsed, Renee Olstead cleavetastic, and Saskia de Brauw model hot and flashing puppies. It’s all so profoundly non-puritanical.

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