Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel Blue Bikini Show in Miami

I’ll admit that Bethenny Frankel is not necessarily a woman I’d trust to take care of my children. But, I don’t have any, so I can quite more innocently say, I simply do admire her 40-something mommy bikini shape as in this little blue number she wore strutting by the pool in Miami.

Granted, it’s not all natural, I’m not even sure how much is, but the end results are hard to argue with. A swell set of MILFy funbags, a tight tush, and a lean stomach. Check, check, and check. I’m not saying I want to marry the woman. That does seem like eight-months of unnecessary commitment, but I am saying I would mind helping this sextastic bodied mom rub on some aloe after a day in the sun. Does that make me a bad person? It does not. And I’m not going to share with you what does. Enjoy.

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Paddle Boarding in the Hamptons

I suppose you could look at reality star and women’s inspirational books author Bethenny Frankel as an age-defying MILF, or perhaps a miracle of modern science, or maybe a bit of both. Bethenny definitely preaches healthy living and nutrition and exercise, and she’s also been the beneficiary of some of New York’s finest scalpel and injection specialists. I guess everybody should be free to do with themselves as they please. I’m certainly not one to judge with my fat injections primarily in the form of doughnuts and beer. Kind of the old-fashioned way.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d crank my neck to see the 40-something mom bending over in her bikini to pick up her paddle board. That’s not the be all and end all of quality assessments, but it’s certainly a healthy start. Enjoy.

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Flashing Skinny Mom Sideboob in Miami

You may know Bethenny Frankel from her various diet and lifestyle books you’ve never read, her reality shows you’ve never watched, or her new daytime talk show that somebody you know’s wife once told you she saw once. Or, just from our various depictions of Bethenny in wardrobe malfunctions or in her bikinis on the beach in Miami during her vacations and long weekends off from New York.

While we’re well aware that Bethenny has had the assistance of some skilled physicians in the enduring ogle-worthiness of her body into her 40′s and mommyhood, we still admire what lies beneath the wide-brimmed hats. I suppose at some point we’ll stop covering Bethenny, but that will be the day after she stops flashing her sideboob in a tiny bikini along the beach. We do have our responsibilities to the general public, after all. Enjoy.

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Red for Reality Mom Recognizability

There are these occasional moments when we must stop and recognize one of the 40-something Bravo reality stars for their holding up nicely talents that are more often than not shown off on or around Miami Beach, where middle something women with high-end plastic surgeons do go to be seen. And see Bethenny Frankel we did. I didn’t have the time or inclination to read up on all her personal life drama that I’m sure is the talk of tabloids and discussed by women over Starbucks coffee and biscotti, but I always have the time to leer at a 40-something mom in a tiny red bikini showing off both her healthy lifestyle and her science supported fine female form.

Yes, I know it’s not all Bethenny, but there’s no reason why a successful woman can’t get a little assistance form modern medicine. A good part of the goods are still being maintained from working out, a controlled diet, and finding that perfectly bright red bikini to make sure everybody notices the work therein. Enjoy.

Bethenny Frankel Goes Green for Day 2 of MILF Bikini Oversized Sunglasses Floppy Hat Time

When they rebuilt Bethenny Frankel, they sort of did a number all around, which is why the oversized sunglasses. But there’s no denying there’s something about this 40-something mom bikini body that is quite stellar. Frontside and dumpside. And Bethenny Frankel knows it. Which is why she’s playing in the pool in another tiny bikini despite being the demographic of a PTA President. Not that we’d ever stop a hot-bodied mom from her desire for public adulation, let alone private time appreciation.

So, Bethenny, keep it up. We are truly having fun on your vacation. Enjoy.

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Because Hard Work Deserves Attention

Okay, so that would be mostly the hard work of her plastic surgeon, but reality TV star and newly divorced mom, Bethenny Frankel wasted no time in hitting Miami and showing off her finely sculpted, as it were, 40-something MILF body in a tiny blue bikini.

I’m not exactly sure what the women who buy all her books and products and shows see in Bethenny Frankel, but I know what I see. I see the fine skills of a boy or girl who grew up wanting to be a doctor to change the world, but then later decided that paying off their med school bills and their first Mercedes might have to come first. Enjoy.

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Take Us Down Under With a Reality Show Mom (That Dudes Can Appreciate)

First, our forever warning. Beware of women with large hats and oversized sunglasses on the beach While the wearer will assure you the nature of their wardrobe is for sun protection, many a man at the beach has been fooled into thinking he’s chatting up Bo Derek along the surf, only to discover upon removal of hat and glasses that he’s been delivering his best pickup lines to a gal who looks like his middle school P.E. teacher, the one who wore the dolphin shorts and seemed particularly interested in making sure you showered properly whilst he twiddled his mustache.

That being said, and caveats of the crazy, plastic surgeried and botoxoed faces of approximately 99.89 percent of all women on reality television, we still do get a junior league thrill out of seeing 40-something Bethenny Frankel in her bikinis wherever the mom takes her latest vacations. In this case, Bondi Beach in Sydney, for a little demonstation of the power of a good diet, strict workouts, and a little nip and tuck to keep a veteran mom looking more than peekable in her bikini on the beach.

We must admit to having little clue as to exactly what Bethenny Frankel does, I’m sure some of you ladies do know, but we do know she does mom-in-bikini-on-the-beach pretty darn well. Enjoy.