Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Reveal the Nipples of a Mom Who Keeps Herself in Playing Shape

As always, I will grant you, there are certain parts of Bethenny Frankel that clearly did not come with the original purchase. That being said, let she who is without upgrade cast the first scalpel. There’s still the fine art of staying in shape and buying bikinis to small for your Funions, and being willing to show off your team made body for all the boys on the beach to inch one step closer to manhood. Lots of moving parts, and some just jiggling or poking.

Bethenny Frankel took her skinny forty-something mom in bikini routine to Miami Beach and appeared to either be excited by the prospects or experiencing a case of the cold water on headlights because her nipples were poking right through her bikini top. I’m pretty sure they’re designed to avoid such a visual display, but nipple don’t exist to be tamed. Certainly not these swollen wonders. Bethenny, maybe lay off the Midtown Manhattan doctor visits for a while, but please keep up the bikini work. Between me and your high beams, we definitely need this. Enjoy.

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Bethenny Frankel Gold String Bikini for the Forties and Faptastic Collection

Reality star and author of many books I shall never even peruse, but good for her nonetheless, Bethenny Frankel, continues to show that there’s no reason being a mom in your forties shouldn’t equal being a put together veteran bikini lustable body at the beach in Miami. Maybe you’re no longer duking it out with the international set of 20-something models, but you’re holding your own, and making many men wish they could hold… nevermind. The point is, you’re not just getting by, you’re creating swell images for boys turning into men on the beach of female bodies. That counts more than another how to make the perfect salad book in my book.

There’s just something about the veteran celebrities with that certain twinkle in their eye. No need to coquettish giggles or the unwisdom of youth. Just a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants, when she wants it, and how she’s going to get it, in her bikini, naturally. Enjoy.

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Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures in Blue and Red Nipple Poking Mom Shows from Down Miami Way

Say what you will about Bethenny Frankel and her extraordinary efforts to keep a trim and bikini worthy profile into her mommy 40′s, it’s working. She may be a handful for the poor men who must relate to her, but by hook and crook and all other means necessary, she has kept necks cranking down on the beach in Miami during her bikini getaway weekends.

Bethenny showed off over the weekend in both blue and red, her Faptastic and Forties body trim and curvy bikinis you see many girls half her age to fearful to wear. Oh, sure there’s been some assistance by those who attended medical school, but give some credit where it’s due to portion control and tons of yoga and spin classes. If it were that easy, every forty-four year old mom would look like this in a bikini. They do not. I applaud. Enjoy.

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Bethenny Frankel String Bikini and Teased Up Ta-Ta’s in Miami

Granted, there’s a good deal of physician handiwork in the overall presentation of Bethenny Frankel, but there’s no denying that at forty-four she’s still going to attract some eligible young bachelors, as she did on this Miami trip where she was hand in hand with some dude we exed from the pictures because dudes suck and girls rule or something like that with the word funbags thrown in.

Bethenny could definitely use a couple Sbarro slices and perhaps she’s a little high maintenance and prefers one year marriages, but that could easily work for me as that’s about eleven months longer than I prefer myself. I can see why she’s a fairly successful cougar down Miami way. Some men do love the older ladies with the molded slender bodies. I could see it being rather fun for a vacation memory. Enjoy.

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Bethenny Frankel Blue Bikini Show in Miami

I’ll admit that Bethenny Frankel is not necessarily a woman I’d trust to take care of my children. But, I don’t have any, so I can quite more innocently say, I simply do admire her 40-something mommy bikini shape as in this little blue number she wore strutting by the pool in Miami.

Granted, it’s not all natural, I’m not even sure how much is, but the end results are hard to argue with. A swell set of MILFy funbags, a tight tush, and a lean stomach. Check, check, and check. I’m not saying I want to marry the woman. That does seem like eight-months of unnecessary commitment, but I am saying I would mind helping this sextastic bodied mom rub on some aloe after a day in the sun. Does that make me a bad person? It does not. And I’m not going to share with you what does. Enjoy.

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Paddle Boarding in the Hamptons

I suppose you could look at reality star and women’s inspirational books author Bethenny Frankel as an age-defying MILF, or perhaps a miracle of modern science, or maybe a bit of both. Bethenny definitely preaches healthy living and nutrition and exercise, and she’s also been the beneficiary of some of New York’s finest scalpel and injection specialists. I guess everybody should be free to do with themselves as they please. I’m certainly not one to judge with my fat injections primarily in the form of doughnuts and beer. Kind of the old-fashioned way.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d crank my neck to see the 40-something mom bending over in her bikini to pick up her paddle board. That’s not the be all and end all of quality assessments, but it’s certainly a healthy start. Enjoy.

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Flashing Skinny Mom Sideboob in Miami

You may know Bethenny Frankel from her various diet and lifestyle books you’ve never read, her reality shows you’ve never watched, or her new daytime talk show that somebody you know’s wife once told you she saw once. Or, just from our various depictions of Bethenny in wardrobe malfunctions or in her bikinis on the beach in Miami during her vacations and long weekends off from New York.

While we’re well aware that Bethenny has had the assistance of some skilled physicians in the enduring ogle-worthiness of her body into her 40′s and mommyhood, we still admire what lies beneath the wide-brimmed hats. I suppose at some point we’ll stop covering Bethenny, but that will be the day after she stops flashing her sideboob in a tiny bikini along the beach. We do have our responsibilities to the general public, after all. Enjoy.