Ava Sambora

Ava Sambora Bikini Pictures Paddle Boarding Their Way Into Our Hawaiian Hearts

Not that L.A. hasn't been a balmy 80 most of the New Year's holiday. Still, something about Hawaii just seems to kick up the tropic notch a bit when you're talking about winter time relief. It might also be the girls paddle boarding to and fro in the water. You can't see that on Sunset Blvd.

Ava Sambora continues her multiple bikini beach vacation in the 50th state, with some hearty water sports with her girl friends and Mother Sun beaming down upon her. This blonde Locklear offspring is going to be captured in these similar beachy poses for years and years to come. But you'll tell your grandkids it all began with shiny purple and a paddle. And you will be close to being right. Enjoy.

Ava Sambora Bikini Beach Volleyball Pictures for Her Own Hot Future Launch Party

Get ready for a whole lot of Ava Sambora in 2014. The second generation celebrity model is coming into her own, ending the current year with a major league beach volleyball set of bikini pictures from Hawaii that reveal the true potential of this future superstar.

For all the changes in culture and style and tastes, America, if not every bikini and shampoo company, will always love a hot blonde. Ava's future looks pretty damn bright. Perhaps not in the beach volleyball circuit, but maybe even surpassing her mom Heather Locklear who was professionally modeling and catching serious eyes by her late teens. 2014 is going to be very good to Ava (and us). Enjoy.

Ava Sambora Bikini Celebrity Teen Model Breakout Weekend in Maui

No more dancing around where Ava Sambora is headed in her bright future. The celebrity offspring of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora gathered all the paparazzi attention over the weekend in her bikini breakout session in Maui, featuring multiple two-piece looks on the representing progeny.

Though still a peachy keen sweet sixteen, Ava's future seems destined to follow in her mother's own modeling and TJ Hooker type future, the cameras already working magic with her own blonde locks and genetically blessed looks. I suppose her friends ought to know by now that if you let Ava pinch your booty on the beach, you're going to become somewhat famous yourself, so keep at an arm's distance from your frisky girl friend. Enjoy.

Ava Sambora Looking More and More Like Her Mom (This Is a Good Thing)

If you're old as dirt like me, then you probably have an image of Heather Locklear burned somewhere in your expansive libido area of your brain. Seeing Ava Sambora getting all grow'd up and about the age her mom was when she started modeling, you just know her future lies bright somewhere in the spotlight.

Unlike her Jenner girl neighbors, Ava I believe is still attending school and trying to fill her brain with knowledge. Which will serve her well in the rough and tumble world of Tinsel Town. Of course, there will be growing pains and rebellious exhibitions that we will most assuredly cover, but, in the end, she's Heather's daughter. And Heather owned the TV blonde hottie spotlight for a solid decade. Enjoy.

Ava Sambora Bra Flashing in Calabasas

Oh, that Ava Sambora will mature into just the same kind of public attention loving mom Heather Locklear was as a younger woman. Still a long ways to go, but the daughter of Heather and Richie Sambora does seem to take pleasure in a bit of a public spectacle as she comes up as a second generation celebrity in Hollywood.

It's not so unusual to see teen girls running around and flashing their bras in Calabasas, it's just that usually they are running from Justin Bieber's home. Yeah, see how I worked that in there? We'll start keeping our eyes on Ava Sambora as she goes through her not so awkward teen girl attention phase. It's a tough job, but sombody's got to do it. Enjoy.

Heather Locklear and Daughter Ava Sambora, Like the Hotties of Christmases Past and Future

I like Heather Locklear. Forget all the current addiction and personal issues and whatever she's done to try to keep herself young looking. She had one hell of a run as a bad-ass hot-arsed blonde TV starlet, a solid couple of decades of making man-kind very very happy. For that, hell yeah, lifetime achievement award for sure.

But now, it's time for her to pass the mantle onto her self-produced replacement, her own offspring by way of rocker Richie Sambora, Ava Sambora, who as a mid-teen has already begun the modeling and show circuit and will, without a doubt, be following to some degree in her mom's rather legendary footsteps.

Someday, I hope to be fruitful and multiply future Egotastics, I mean, legally named, not just the multitude of poor bastards running around small third world villages with my distinctive chin. Heather Locklear has done herself proud once more. Enjoy.

FUTURE FAME: Starlet Ava Sambora Set to Breakout in ‘This Is 40′

When your mom is Heather Locklear (current troubles aside, she rocked the sextastic shizz out of the 80's) and your dad is a mega-platinum rock star Richie Sambora, you've got the genes and the destiny for fame. It's going to happen. But for the still young Ava Sambora, it's all just starting out, and it's going to be starting out big time in the upcoming Judd Apatow film This is 40, the sort of sequel to the almighty Knocked Up, though this one follows the Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann characters, and also stars Judd Apatow's own two daughters.

But back to Ava, on Spring Break vacation in Hawaii this week, and just coming into her own as a current actress and you can count on future model. Treat her kindly yet because of her tender age, but remember the name, she's going to be big. Enjoy.

P.S. This is 40 also features Megan Fox, so, yes, you will be seeing it.