Ashley Benson

Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Ashley Benson Among the Hotties Showing Off for Baby2Baby Gala

I don’t have time to look, well, the energy, but I’ll assume Baby2Baby is some awesome cause perhaps serving babies everywhere. Maybe like some milk delivery service. Something worthy of bringing out the super hotties in Hollywood to support. And boy did the lovely ladies of Tinsel Town come out in cleavy droves to this event looking incredibly.

Try on for size Jessica Alba, Ashley Benson, Kate Hudson, Jordana Brewster, and Molly Sims for a little sextastic aperitif. All of these ladies looking more than stellar, all well worthy of carrying my child at some point in the future, maybe even starting today, ladies? Oh, the decked out hotties all fecund and ready to help me amass my small army of Egotastic offspring. My heart swells with pride. Let’s just say it’s my heart for now. Hot moms really are heaven on earth. Enjoy.

Ashley Benson Red Hot Moves On The Set Of “Pixels”

Soap star and hot person Ashley Benson was looking sexy as F in her costume on the set of Pixels. In the movie she plays an 80′s/90′s era video game character come to life. Think Chun Li from Street Fighter but not Asian. Her costume is very revealing. Basically it’s a one piece bathing suit and a couple of samurai swords. Her cleavage is the real weapon in this ensemble. How could you not be distracted by her ta-tas in a battle? She’s also got an incredible pair of legs which you get to see in their entirety. This isn’t even short shorts we’re talking about, it’s basically a pair of panties, y’all. Which brings me to her booty. Let’s just say that it is extraordinary and can deflect ninja stars. It’s even sexier when she’s fighting on set. I have a thing for warrior chicks. I was a big fan of Xena.

Needless to say, I’m going to go see this movie. I mean the premise is fun, old video game characters attack New York, but I’m mainly going to see Ashley in this costume bouncing around. Also Peter Dinklage’s mullet. Look it up after you read all of our articles.

Ashley Benson Red Hot Short Dress and Matching Panties on Set of ‘Pixels’

I’m pretty much down for any movie about classic video games. You throw in Ashley Benson doing something something in a little tiny costume with swords and I will probably be first line. I do so lust the underrated hotness that is Ashley Benson, the oft-forgotten hot Hollywood blonde.

Ashley was on the set of the new movie Pixels being I presume a good guy, err, good girl, defeating some evil video game sorcery while in a short little costume that showed off her sweet thighs and spankable bottom. I suppose that latter comment is more of a wish than a size or shape description, though make no mistake about it, it is being wished right this second. Oh, Ashley, slay me with your swords and choke me out with your strong legs. I will go out with a smile that even the mortician finds impossible to re-adjust. Enjoy.

Ashley Benson Topless Bikini Candids! Pretty Little Funbags Not So Little in Hawaii

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What Spring Breakers couldn’t quite deliver, well, all good things come to those who sit and wait, with a big screen TV and some homemade jerky, naturally. The righteously sextastic Ashley Benson topless and bikini top unfurled in all her wicked hot glory. It’s moments like these when getting up before noon each day truly seems worthwhile.

We saw Ashley and her Pretty Little Liars co-star Shay Mitchell strutting about the 50th state in their bikinis on holiday. Apparently Ashley decided to go for a little au natural sun tanning of her stellar boobtastic and was caught by a man with a camera who deserves one of those medals important people pass out. Or at least whatever he charge me for these photos. Oh, my, just look at those funions.

Ashley Benson has been on my list of Hollywood hotties I’ve been dying to see topless. Consider that BIll’s bucket list. Today I happily check off Ashley Benson. I think I hear the angels sing. Enjoy.

Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell Bikini Hotness Candidly Showing Off in Maui

The girls of Pretty Little Liars decided to get into some tiny bikinis for beach play time in Maui. I couldn’t be happier. Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell just seem to be having so much fun with their sweet bikini covered boobtastic bodies, I wish I could join in. Maybe play a little Jaws coming up from the deep to take a little nibble of their tasty forms.

There’s really nothing finer than two ridiculously hot young women playing together in their bikinis at the beach. Well, move those two girls to my inflatable splashy pool and it is slightly finer, for me at least. Ashley Benson is so underrated as one of the Hollywood hotties; Shay Mitchell I wouldn’t kick out of bed for eating my toes to the bone. Menage-a-Bill plan activate. Pretty Little Liars, bring it on. Enjoy.

Ashley Benson Short Shorts Makes for the Perfect Little Hottie Show in L.A.

Ashley Benson is typically quite the demure public figure. So when we get a chance to see the underrated hottie out in a pair of Daisy Dukes on the town, showing off her sweet legs in addition to her overall lust-generating looks, it’s quite a day indeed.

Ashley really needs to get into this tiny little shorts more often. Just one man’s opinion. Not every girl can pull off the perfect country hot thang look, but Ashley does it quite nicely. If she cut those shorts any higher, I would probably get arrested. Though that’s a safe bet in most situations involving sextastic ladies and casual public street ambles. Still, there’s no shame in being handcuffed for a righteous cause. My and Ghandi, baby, different methods, same purpose. I could be wrong. Enjoy.

Ashley Benson Wears Just a Bow for Cosmo

I believe my affections for Ashley Benson are as real and profound as the next guy who stares at her with his tongue hanging out of his mouth and imagines bathing her as a cat does her kittens.

Featured in the current edition of Cosmo magazine, Ashley Benson passes the threshold test of forcing me to check out a women’s magazine (as if I really need to be forced) to peruse the pages of scented aromas and stocking ads (oh, scented stocking ads) to eye spy the hotness likes of Ashley in her little bow. Just ever so darling. I hope she wears something similar on our first date to my log cabin twenty-six miles deep into the woods with no name on that island that never got mapped. Now, that’s creepy, even for me. Enjoy.