Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell Bikini Hotness Candidly Showing Off in Maui

The girls of Pretty Little Liars decided to get into some tiny bikinis for beach play time in Maui. I couldn’t be happier. Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell just seem to be having so much fun with their sweet bikini covered boobtastic bodies, I wish I could join in. Maybe play a little Jaws coming up from the deep to take a little nibble of their tasty forms.

There’s really nothing finer than two ridiculously hot young women playing together in their bikinis at the beach. Well, move those two girls to my inflatable splashy pool and it is slightly finer, for me at least. Ashley Benson is so underrated as one of the Hollywood hotties; Shay Mitchell I wouldn’t kick out of bed for eating my toes to the bone. Menage-a-Bill plan activate. Pretty Little Liars, bring it on. Enjoy.

Ashley Benson Short Shorts Makes for the Perfect Little Hottie Show in L.A.

Ashley Benson is typically quite the demure public figure. So when we get a chance to see the underrated hottie out in a pair of Daisy Dukes on the town, showing off her sweet legs in addition to her overall lust-generating looks, it’s quite a day indeed.

Ashley really needs to get into this tiny little shorts more often. Just one man’s opinion. Not every girl can pull off the perfect country hot thang look, but Ashley does it quite nicely. If she cut those shorts any higher, I would probably get arrested. Though that’s a safe bet in most situations involving sextastic ladies and casual public street ambles. Still, there’s no shame in being handcuffed for a righteous cause. My and Ghandi, baby, different methods, same purpose. I could be wrong. Enjoy.

Ashley Benson Wears Just a Bow for Cosmo

I believe my affections for Ashley Benson are as real and profound as the next guy who stares at her with his tongue hanging out of his mouth and imagines bathing her as a cat does her kittens.

Featured in the current edition of Cosmo magazine, Ashley Benson passes the threshold test of forcing me to check out a women’s magazine (as if I really need to be forced) to peruse the pages of scented aromas and stocking ads (oh, scented stocking ads) to eye spy the hotness likes of Ashley in her little bow. Just ever so darling. I hope she wears something similar on our first date to my log cabin twenty-six miles deep into the woods with no name on that island that never got mapped. Now, that’s creepy, even for me. Enjoy.

Ashley Benson Is a Pretty Perty Girl

Ashley Benson really doesn’t get the attention and merit she deserves. Yes, there was a time when she was hanging with Justin Bieber’s swagger coach when it was near on impossible to feel positively toward her. Yet, there’s no doubt Ashley is one of the straight up prettiest girls in Hollywood. When she dolls up, the drooling really begins.

Even in this rather G-rated photoshoot from Justin Coit, you can see the innate allure of Ashley Benson, who slew us in Spring Breakers, but has ever so much more to give onscreen. If not in person. In my A.B. dreams nightly. She really is an underrated hottie. Give Ashley some lust. Enjoy

Ashley Benson Drops Sexy Cleavage During WeHo Workout

We really do wish we could see more of Ashley Benson. She intrigued us leading up to Spring Breakers, impassioned us during the actual film, relieved us when she broke up with Justin Bieber’s swagger coach, and just seems to have so much to offer that ought not stay hidden. Ashley gave a little peek of her big something somethings outside of her workout place in a slightly low cut outfit.

I’m not suggesting that Ashley Benson has to walk around the streets of L.A. with her bare breasts hanging out just to make us happy. But I am praying for that. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez, Nina Dobrev, Shay Mitchell, Just Some of the Hotties Out for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards

I think it goes without saying that you can’t have a lowest common denominator of taste than anything teens choose on national television. So unless you’re a 14-year old girl and when asked about the last book you read you answer, ‘Huh?’, you’re probably not a fan or even familiar with the name of most of the honorees and winners at last night’s 2013 Teen Choice Awards. Just know that somebody at Fox thought it’d be cool to give away surfboards instead of trophies, because that’s so damn teen relatable.

Nevertheless, as always, anything award show related and big network is going to bring out some serious starpower and some sweet hotties decked out in their finest, including Selena Gomez, who stole the show in her double slit form fitting dress, ever hot Nina Dobrev, Miley Cyrus sticking out her tongue for no reason, underrated Shay Mitchell, a busty grown up Abigail Breslin, and much much more. You really should get out your Mr. Zogs and check them all out. Enjoy.

Salma Hayek Topless and Maria Bello Nekkid Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Talk about your heat waves. It’s been so hot here on the West Coast, even tanning mom applied sunscreen. Ba-dum-ching! The perfect environmental conditions for hiding in your air-conditioned abode, flipping on the little big screen and checking out some seriously skin-filled recommendations for ogle-worthy film viewing courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Salma Hayek and Maria Bello both not-nekkid in Grown Ups 2 coming out this weekend, but both definitely baring their bodies in Frieda and A History of Violence, respectively. Both epic levels of major celebrity making of the sexy scenes. Additionally, Spring Breakers is now out on Blu-Ray meaning another chance to see the epic barely covered three way pool scene with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, not to mention Rachel Korine baring her top for glory. And, finally, an ode to the classic 70′s R-rated gut-buster, Kentucky Fried Movie and one of the best boobtastic shower scenes ever on screen. Certainly a classic. All of them, must sees. So go see them now.

(And, do not forget your discounted membership to the entire Mr. Skin library of skin-baring good times. It truly is a great place for an addict to get his fix or a noob to become quite obsessed.)

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