Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons Bikini Curvy Bodied Birthday Showtime in Miami

I don’t know exactly what ‘real woman’ means, but many men and ladies use it to describe a girl with a little meat on her bones, as opposed to many of the in need of a sandwich and pronto celebrities we often see sweating until the Pilates shop closes up for the evening. If that’s the case, then Angela Simmons is all real woman. The full bodied and curvy celebrity scion and reality show participant was showing off her lovely two hands full of lady sextastic on the beach in Miami over her birthday weekend.

We’ve seen Angela several times now on South Beach in and out of the water. Each time we are quite allured by her squeezably lust-inducing frame. I love women in all shapes and sizes and colors and nationalities and any other characteristic you might name. Mr. Happy digs diversity big time. So he tells me as I sleep. Angela, happy birthday. Keep on keeping on in this little bikinis. Enjoy.

Angela Simmons Bikini Stroll Along the Beach Has Me Reminiscing

Consider me a big fan of Angela Simmons. I’m not sure what this second generation celebrity does in between her minor reality shows, but it mostly seems to be hanging out at the beach in her bikini, which sounds just about perfect to me. We wouldn’t benefit much from her getting a job in an office somewhere.

No, Angela and her sweet bikini body and full booty belong in a two piece promenading through the sand for all onlookers to look on. We’ve been in lust with Angela for a couple years now, a passion that grows with each additional skin revealing exhibition. When she actually shows off her backside, we even get a little weak in the knees. You’re more than alright, Angela. You’re downright delicious. Enjoy.

Angela Simmons Working the Boo-Tay in Miami

I don’t care what anyone says, a lady needs a little junk in the trunk if she wants to get with me. I mean, I’m still waiting for the day the ladies are actually lining up to get with me, I know it’s coming, but, when that blessed day arrives, I hope there’s some serious badonkadonk swishing left and right in that line.

Angela Simmons has got back. And she knows it needs a little fine tuning around the no-edges, so she took to Miami Beach in some stretch pants to work that healthy butt. And, we watch. And watched and watched. I think that’s what we’re supposed to do. Angela’s got a great beginning there, like a slab of marble from which to carve David. I’d sure love to lend her my chisel (hey, now!). Enjoy.

Angela Simmons Bikini Curves Flaunt the Big Booty in Miami

if you happen to believe that a sextastic celebrity asstastic should require at least two full hands to squeeze in order to be so named in the first place, then you’ll dig Angela Simmons playing on the beach in Miami, her two full cheeks not even being contained by her bikini bottom.

I know we often feature tight little butts on Egotastic!, but we know the strong contingent out there for the serious booty calls. Angela Simmons has got it working on the backside, the front side, and pretty much every ogle worthy position in that little bikini of hers. Enjoy.

Angela Simmons Bikini Pictures Depict a Birthday Girl With a Very Happy Body

If you got it, flaunt it. And why the eff not on your birthday. So thought (and we approved) Angela Simmons as the reality show starlet and second gen celebrity talent flashed her true talents on Miami Beach on her birthday, in a tiny bikini showing nearly every bit of her curvy beach body.

Now, we could be crass and call for a peek at Angela’s birthday suit on her birthday, and, trust me, we did so in private letters to her leading up to her special day this week, but we can also appreciate a girl who just looks fine atop the sand, her full chest and two-hands-worth of bottom like a lighthouse signaling oglers that it’s time to turn on the mental image cameras, a little deposit in the bank for a rainy day. And deposit we did.

Happy Birthday, Angela Simmons. You brought your own gifts to the party. Good on you. Enjoy.

Angela Simmons Bikini Stripes Leave Us Seeing Sextastic Stars

At this point, I have to assume Angela Simmons knows that the camera are upon her freshly sweetened bikini body, simply by the new and passion-inducing posing she’s exhibiting at the beach, most recently now in little striped number that has my eyes seeing a crosswalk to tiptoe across her delicious beach body.

And then she turns around… and we see a rightfully squeezable curve of bottomside that has me wondering if those are white stripes on black or black stripes on white, as I stare mindlessly at her badonkadonk. It’s quite a wonderful shoreline scene. Enjoy.

Angela Simmons Bikini Pictures Getting Finer by the Season

Reality starlet and rap-offspring Angela Simmons seems to be getting finer and finer in her recurring trips to Miami Beach to show off her remarkably delicious booty and body.

I think we saw her too regularly maybe for a while and couldn’t take that step back, like when the kid you used to pick on in grade school grew six inches in the summer and suddenly came back to kick your ass the next year, you need a break sometimes to fathom the real changes, and Angela Simmons body seems to be getting even finer.

Gold bikini, body worth a fortune. It all makes sense. Enjoy.