Anais Zanotti

Anais Zanotti Tiny Bikini Body Perfection Worthy of a Sextastic Selfie

It is sadly true that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Even just missing for a couple months, as is the case of the bikini body extraordinaire of French actress and stunt woman and hot asstastic beachgoer Anais Zanotti. There was a while there when Anais was visiting the shoreline quite regularly in Miami, sharing epic sights of her perfectly curvaceous female form. She must’ve been up to something recently which I’m just going to assert can’t possibly be as important as her visual wonderments in a two piece for the gentleman ogler’s who have come to count on her contributions.

I can hardly blame Anais for taking her own selfies on her beach. If I were a woman with her body, well, I’d probably never make it outside the front door of my condo. Not until the world’s supply of baby oil and free standing mirrors had run out. It’s a good kind of sore. Anais, whatever you’re doing, keep it up. Absolutely marvelous. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Anais Zanotti’s High Flying Boobage And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Exclusive... Anais Zanotti Performs A Bikini Skydive

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Anais Zanotti Enjoys Yoga At Miami Park

Game on, Miami. It’s day one of the high season for sextastic bodies in South Florida and the gloves and most of the rest of the clothes are off many of the A-list female forms. Some like Anais Zanotti were in the park in tight shorts and showy tops revealing precisely how they intend to compete this warm winter for the most passion inducing bikini lady body on the beach. None of this comes easily. Hard work must be engaged. Thankfully, we have the benefit of sitting in a plastic beach chair sipping a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and ogling without even working up more than a reproductive area tingle.

Anais Zanotti is not going to be bested by lack of effort. The French stuntwoman and model and all-around hard tushied princess of the peekaboos is determined to downward facing dog herself into a top shelf top shelf, not to mention a bottom shelf that men would fight twenty year wars over. The weather outside might be frightful, but down Miami way, the fun in the sun lust inducement games are only just beginning! Enjoy.

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Ana Braga And Anais Zanotti Show Off Their Bikini Bodies In Miami

Professional hot people Ana Braga and Anais Zanotti took time off from modelling bikinis to wear them in their spare time. Ana wore a pink bikini that in no way could contain her funbags. They were busting out from the bottom of the bikini top. It’s like they were playing peek-a-boo…sexy peek-a-boo. Anais wore a teeny tiny snakeskin number that showed off her massive assets as well. Then both of the ladies sported small bottoms that gave us a bird’s eye view of their shapely and perfect booties. Both of them have nice round butts that would make any mama proud. But I must say that my favorite is Anais’ caboose. It’s got a nice roundness too it that I like. What I really wish could happen is that you could combine the two girls and create a Voltron of hotness with Ana’s boobs and Anais butt.

Alas, we don’t have the technology to make that happen…yet. Scientists need to prioritize what’s really important.

Anais Zanotti Heats Up Miami Beach In A Tiny Bikini

French model and seriously hot person Anais Zanotti was look particularly sexy in a blue and white bikini in Miami Beach. Anais has got some serious knockers. They are the kind of boobies that might give you carpal tunnel syndrome from handling them for a long time but it would be totally worth it. Her ta-tas look particularly nice in this teeny bikini where she is busting out all over. Anais has also got herself one grade A piece of booty. It’s firm but round with nary a flaw. You’ve got to hand it to the French that they know how to live life right. They eat nothing but fried duck and cheese yet are super skinny and hot. How on Earth do they do it? I bet Anais had a big bowl of chocolate butter for dinner last night and still looks sexy as F.

It’s too bad she isn’t in her native France as she probably would have gone topless to the beach. Stupid American nudity laws.

Anais Zanotti Bikini Body Perfection on the Shores of Miami

When Anais Zanotti comes out to bikini play, she comes to win. There’s not an single angle of her where you don’t see a taunt to the potential competition, bring it on other bikini clad hotties, because my body will kick your body’s ass. Or, maybe smooch it softly to candlelight if this were a perfect world.

Anais has simply perfected the fine art of fine bikini booties on the beach in Miami. That’s no easy field to dominate. The hot thumpers along that piece of shoreline originating from all parts of the world is tremendous. But Anais more than holds her own. Oh, that I could hold her own as well. That is so high on my bucket list. Anais, just a squeeze for a gentleman ogler who needs a happy checkmark? Dare to dream when your fantasy girl struts right by in a tiny bikini. Enjoy.

Anais Zanotti Licks the Cream from the End of Summer’s Cone

Today it’s official autumn. At least according to my Farmer’s Almanac. Time to get the potatoes in the ground before first frost. Or, when it drops below 80 here in Los Angeles.

While summer speaks of hot girls and bikinis and tanlines and splishy-splashy wardrobe malfunctions, perhaps nothing better represents the sextastic summer than wicked good looking girl licking ice cream cones. Thanks to Anais Zanotti, summer is not going out quietly. The French model and stunt woman and all-around teasing woman with those come hither and snap my thong eyes surely knows how to make a dessert treat last in her mouth. That takes skill. And practice. And my dirty mind. You may substitute yours as you see fit. Happy Fall. Enjoy.

Photo credit: TheHeadhuntr on Instagram