Anais Zanotti

Anais Zanotti Motorcycle Suited Covered Topless Hottie

You obviously know French sextastic Anais Zanotti from all of her fine bikini work in Miami Beach, but did you know she was a practicing stunt woman and quite avid action sports enthusiast? Oh, yeah, she can mount a bike and make it purr. And that is both figurative and literal.

I'm not exactly sure what Anais was pimping in this photoshoot in Los Angeles. Motorcycles, racing teams, cameras, or just her own lovely self and those faptastic funbags and hot body of hers. I like it all. I want it all. I just need to figure out how to beg for it while going 60 mph so I can keep up with her. Anais, your crazy hot body does inspire a man to run, not walk. Enjoy.

Anais Zanotti Blue Bikini Booty to Die For In Miami

Anais Zanotti is putting on a display this bikini season in Miami that has to put her wicked hot bottom and all over bikini body goodness right near the top of any Zagat list reviewing hot tasty thumper along South Beach.

Anais chose a turquoise blue today to tease and taunt and preen and promenade in all kinds of hot bendy positions on the beach. Blue certainly worked for me, as well as the appropriate hue descriptor for a certain part of the sensitive anatomy after ogling Anais in her bikini for too long. She really is a French transplanted treasure on our shores.We ought give her an award of some kind. Perhaps some kind of merit badge that sticks to freshly waxed areas of the body. I'll pin it on gently. Oh, Anais, you're making my quite crazy. Enjoy.

Anais Zanotti Bikini Bottoms Suck It Up for Team France

This World Cup really has been a bon for the love of hot women from so many nations. Everybody is a soccer fan this month, including the sextastic international models dotting our shorelines with their incredibly alluring female forms. Girls like Anais Zanotti who is pulling hard for Team France this World Cup, so enthusiastic for her home country team that her hot thumper is literally chewing up her national colors bikini bottom. Her asstastic is one hungry fan.

Between Olympics and World Cups we get a solid look at the lovely ladies of so many nations wearing tiny bits of Spandex and nylon or often even less. This is what global sporting competitions are meant to be. The game within the game. And in my game, we score more than once an hour. Enjoy.

Anais Zanotti And Tahiti Cora In Soccer Jerseys And Bikinis

Models and soccer fans Anais Zanotti and Tahiti Cora showed their World Cup enthusiasm by wearing soccer jerseys to the beach. Luckily, for those of us that couldn't care less about the World Cup, they also wore tiny bikini bottoms. Their entire booties were pretty much exposed. I don't know if it was part of their theme to wear the same kind of butt flossing bikini bottoms that Brazilian ladies prefer but I wholeheartedly approve. I know that the World Cup is supposed to be this amazing sporting event that brings the entire planet together in peace and harmony and all that. Except in the U.S. where we really don't care much. I think what really bonds people are things like looking at Anais and Tahiti's booties and enjoying them, not as individuals, but as an entire species.

I'm not sure what team they are rooting for with the Emirates jersey, (France, I guess?) but I hope they win. Because if the they rip their jerseys off in victory like the U.S. women's soccer team does when they win, I would like to share in that triumph.

Anais Zanotti and Ana Braga Park Workout in Bikinis and Booty Shorts (Oh, My)

Sometimes, I wonder if people aren't incepting my mind while I sleep and stealing my dreams for their own real world activities. How else to explain sextastic gal pals Anais Zanotti and Ana Braga working out ever so sweaty and stretchy hot in a park in Miami in tiny bikini tops and even tinier cheeky shorts. I can't begin to tell you the similarities between this scene and a dream I've had recurring since the age of middle school. It's eerie, and so damn hot.

Look somebody has to keep in shape and do the fitness thing and sweat so that the world can be a healthier place. You don't want to see my tired ass out in the park. No, we all nominate Anais and Ana for the representatives of hot touchy feely body workouts. Long may they reign. And bend over. Enjoy.

Anais Zanotti Red Bikini Thong Bottom Goodness for Top Notch Happy Feelings

I really do have a thing for Anais Zanotti. I know I say that about many women, and I am a man who is personally infatuated with over two-thousand members of the fairer sex at any given moment, but when Anais hits the beach in her thong bikinis, time seems to stop for me and I can feel my retinal cones being directed by a supernatural force toward her wicked hot keester like a powerful magnet. That entire hot body of hers really is a force of French model nature, including the way she manages to tease it with little bikinis and half shirts and other wet wardrobe accessories that make me want to swim to Cuba and back to work off a little excess feelings.

This Spring in Miami has been nothing if not a wondrous display of international model goodness, booty, and just wicked hot models preening, prancing, stretching, and tanning in little to no clothing pretty much non-stop. I don't write copy for the Miami Tourist Board, but if I did, I might pen something to that affect and watch the visitors dollars rolling in. Enjoy.

Anais Zanotti Bikini Hottie Describes Herself With Her T-Shirt

Wow, it's not often you get to see one of our celebrity sextastics wearing a logo that actually has some relevance to their actual smoking visuals, but Anais Zanotti just about nails it with White Hot. Indeed. The French stunt woman and model and all-around bikini babe has taken her competitive curvy body skills to the next level, adding in some very sweet thong stylings, a little half shirt, and the ever-present water bottle for sipping or pouring over your t-shirt or whatever it takes to win the hearts and minds and other vital organs of gentleman oglers within five click radius.

Anais, my hat is off to you today, and, no, that's not my hat, but how can a man truly show his appreciation for a women of such extraordinary beach body talents by merely exposing his dome. When bikini judgement day comes, you shall be in the mix for my top prize. Enjoy.