Anais Pouliot

Anais Pouliout Lingerie Pictures Will Melt Your Freaking Libido

I might be exaggerating a tad. Libidos are actually designed to withstand up to one thousand degree Kelvin temperatures, or what you might experience upon seeing Anais Pouliot and her French model goodness barely clad in this Urban Outfitters lingerie photoshoot. I didn’t even know Urban Outfitters sold lingerie. I certainly didn’t have it pegged for silk and lace and Frenchy model goodness. Then again, I haven’t stepped inside a retail establishment in over ten years time, mostly due to restraining orders.

Like her French colleague Camille Rowe who we saw yesterday in her thongs and bras, Anais brings that spectacular Gallic alluring body intrigue to the pimping of the boudoir wardrobe. I’ve been chewing on my knuckles for the past ten minutes checking her out. The next step is probably whimpering. She is so hot I want to reach right through the screen and have her tell me she already has a boyfriend and he’s a bodybuilder who will beat me up. Ah, that would be nice. Enjoy.

Anais Pouliot Topless Sweaty Hot Poses for L’Officiel Paris

Anais Pouliot Topless Beach Shoot for L'Officiel Paris July 2014
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Lots of people will be hitting the beach this weekend, the unofficial start of the suntanning season for us regular folks. But not many will look quite as crazy hot doing so as French model sextastic Anais Pouliot. Just the right amount of sand sticking to her mostly nekkid body in this topless beachy pictorial for L’Officiel magazine in Paris. Even her moles seem to be singing an ode to her sweet hot body goodness, though that might be me whistling a French anthem while imagining Anais and I trapped in a Parisian apartment with nothing to eat but fromage and each other.

I happen to be a big fan of hot topless French girls at the beach. If only the French topless beaches had more of them. Alas, they are an iffy visual proposition at best. But, today, rejoice in the beauty that is Anais Pouliot who looks ever so much better without her bikini top on. Enjoy.

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Anais Pouliot Covered Topless in Victoria’s Secret

French Canadian hottie Anais Pouliot is in all her slightly covered topless glory in this month’s Victoria’s Secret. Anais is just barely concealing her chesticles from view in these pictures. She is also sporting a flower crown. It’s all very nymphlike, if nymphs wore frilly lingerie. I like to believe that if nymphs had money they might venture to the local mall to purchase a nice garter belt of bustier. Unfortunately, they don’t actually exist. Still, the effect of Anais’ photos is both shy and coquettish and super hot. I think it’s probably due to her French Canadian heritage. Canadians tend to be fairly reserved unless they are at a hockey game. But the French are all about the sexy sex. I was once in Paris and I saw more breasts out in the wild than I’ve ever encountered before. This Quebec must be a magical place.

I’m going to have to get a hold of this April Victoria’s Secret catalog. You know, for research. It is both my job and my duty.

Anais Pouliot Heats Up Victoria’s Secret for March 2014

Anais Pouliot Lingerie Pictures To Heat Up Your Winter Collections

Pretty to fall in love (well, fall in love again if you remember the topless photos of Anais Pouliot from last year) with this sextastic French Canadian model, Anais Pouliot, who is featured in little pits of lingerie for the Oysho Winter 2012 collection.

Now, lingerie is for most women, not for every woman, but for any woman who looks like Anais Pouliot, it ought be mandatory, and not being familiar with the laws of Quebec, I like to think it already is. Imagine coming home to this woman pouting on your bed. Yes, she might be a handful, but, yes, she is a handful. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jennifer Lawrence Nipple Slip, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr Topless, Christina Milian Upskirt, and Much Much More…

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Oh, blessed Friday. How do you do. We’ve collectively earned ourselves a little R&R on this Easter Weekend (Pesach, for our friends of the even more ancient traditions) and we’re going to start easing into it through a group leer at the bountiful harvest of hotness brought together by the clans for the weekly communal ritual we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week’s figurative juicy ham sandwich comes packed with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr in a beautiful topless beach photo, Eliza Dushku looking as sexy as we’ve ever seen, Alessandra Ambrosio nighttime naughty, Franco-Cannuckian hottie Anais Pouliot artsy topless, Christina Milian panties peek, Belen Rodriguez topless on the beach, Caroline Wozniacki tennis time upskirts, Gemma Merna lingerie amazing, Genesis Rodriguez underwear hot body, Jennifer Lawrence nipple slip, Mila Kunis with her fist in her mouth, Sara Tommasi pantyhose commando flashes, and Sophie Howard hot and topless. It’s a springtime buffet of the boobtastic.

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Anais Pouliot Topless in Exhibition Magazine