Amy Willerton

Amy Willerton Topless on a Yacht for Miss Universe Great Britain Splendid Hot Reveals

Amy Willerton Sunbathes Topless in Cannes
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It’s not every day you see a recent Miss Universe contestant sunbathing topless for your visual wonderment delights. But it really should be. What a world that would be. However, I’m feeling super blessed today to see the sweet funbags bare style of wicked hot Miss Great Britain Amy Willertson topless on a yacht, naturally, parked outside of Cannes.

Of all the incentive I already had to figure out how to buy a boat, now it turns out you get Miss Universe contestants to sunbathe topless on your forecastle. That’s a pretty sweet bargain for throwing all your dough into a floating money pit. For Amy Willerton and those amazing jugs, I’d do just about anything without thinking first. Look before you leap is for the timid. Amy, baby, save some melon reveals, daddy’s bending his planks as we speak. Enjoy.

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Amy Willerton Bikini Sextastic and Shiny for FHM

Amy Willerton Bikini Photoshoot for FHM August 2014
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They don’t just hand out those Miss Universe Great Britain titles you know. You have to be pretty damn smoking hot. Amy Willerton certainly met that complicated standard when she represented her nation at the Miss Universe pageant. Now, she’s representing enticing female forms in her bikini on the pages of FHM magazine. The photos might be a bit glossified, but they are quite reflective of Amy’s inherent good looks and that killer body we’ve seen working out around London before.

Someday, I’d like to be able to utter the phrase, ‘Oh, yeah, my girlfriend was in the Miss Universe pageant, thank you for asking’. I mean, utter it and it not be a total fabrication. Any country will do really. I’m so open to international romance. It makes it much easier to use my various fake names. Like Rogers Hammercock as I do when traveling in the Southeast of Asia. Though Amy Willerton would also do quite nicely. Just look at her bikini body. I’d never forget an anniversary, darling, not the first two at least. Call me on your silly English phone. I’ll be waiting. Enjoy.

Amy Willerton Bikini, Err, Monokini, Err. Just Super Damn Hot Tub Hot in Switzerland

They don’t just let anybody be a part of those Miss Universe contests. You have to be the hottest girl in your high school for starters. A fine female form like Amy Willerton who represented Great Britain at the pageant last year and has since then been delighting the world with her heavenly hot looks and wicked body in various forms, clothed or less clothed. As in her latest sighting on vacation in Switzerland, stepping out of a hot tub all steamy hot and dripping wet and about ready to make my libido consume itself.

Damn, she’s one ridiculously hot young woman. I wish my Swiss Mountain chalet, The Nekkid Heidi, were not still under renovation or I could whisk Amy there for even more hot tub hangout time. My tub has jets too, nothing formal really, just me blowing bubbles really hard into her bikini bottoms. The girls say it tickles. I’m just trying to be eco-friendly. Enjoy.

Amy Willerton Shows Off Bikini Bod In Spain

British model and TV personality Amy Willerton displays her tea and crumpets in a smoking pink bikini in España. The Britannic beauty was there on vacation. She wore a pair of cut of jean shorts to the beach and then took them off to reveal her pink clad booty. I have a feeling she knew she was being photographed because she was jumping up and down and posing. Maybe leaping into the air is just the way she gets around. I am fully on board with this method, particularly if you are endowed the way that Amy is. Is there anything more lovely on God’s Earth than a pair of bouncing breasteses? I think not. It’s also important to have a good bikini body in Spain. That water is too friggin’ cold to go swimming in. The ocean can hide a lot of sins, (like hairy man boobs), if you spend all of your beach time submerged up to your neck.

Amy doesn’t have that problem. She gives all of those smarmy Eurotrash guys with beer guts and Speedos something to be smarmy about.

Amy Willerton Bikini Pictures Red With Deep Swiss Lust

Amy Willerton is my new favorite British female form. It’s not really that I have a decision in this process. The power of her boobtastic compels me. I could pretend otherwise, but I am just a pawn stuck between her two heavenly queens hoping to be destroyed in a good way.

The recent Miss Universe contestant is in Switzerland in her bikini showing off for the cameras and looking all kinds of steamy hot in the winter outdoors. I’m assuming it’s a hot tub, or perhaps her ridiculously sextastic body just causes some kind of cold fusion event to occur. I’m feeling some kind of inexplicable atomic reaction of my own leering at her sweet booty and red bikini contained funbags. I so want to be in Switzerland right now. I might have to settle for my winter time cocktail of Swiss Miss and Brandy. Often, no Swiss Miss required. Enjoy.

Amy Willerton Camel Toe Sweats in Preparion for the London Marathon

If you’re going to run a marathon, you’re going to need to get your body ready for long stretches of sweaty exertion often without proper hydration. There’s no more inspiring figure for such a pursuit than the camel, the ship of the desert who can march long distances in horrible heat without consumption of H20. I guess British former Miss Universe rep Amy Willerton has taken inspiration from the camel, as her own toe was pouting proudly on her warm up runs for the London Marathon up and down Sunset Blvd. here in Los Angeles this past weekend.

Right off the bat, I’m making the sextastic pageant princess my favorite to win the Marathon. Maybe not with the best time per se, but the best body to cross the finish line. I’d like to be there to greet here, mop off her sweat, and help her peel off her sticky Spandex and get her into a relaxing tub. Along with her manager. Me. Enjoy.

Amy Willerton Stretches Her Way Into a Groin Pull for You

Amy Willerton is the recent Miss Universe contestant from the U.K., and current girlfriend to somebody or other on British reality TV. More importantly, she’s the crazy hot bodied girl in the park stretching in super tight Spandex. Damn, what a body.

It’s hard to imagine she didn’t Win, Place, or even Show at the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. I guess you have to blame that on the Russian judges. As for me, I’m giving her all tens. And my phone number and ATM PIN number. Whatever it takes. I feel the burn. Enjoy.