Amy Markham

Amy Markham Topless Glamorous Treats from Across Pond in GQ Italy

Amy Markham Sexy Topless Photoshoot for GQ Italy
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Usually when we see sextastic brunette model Amy Markham, she’s strolling along the beach trying to keep her tremendous treats from falling out of not quite fully containing bikini top. Now, she’s giving up trying to contain her faptastic funbags yearning to be free, and exposing her bare boobtastic in this glamourous Michael Magers photoshoot for GQ Italy.

We’re big fans of Amy’s. We’ve never met her, but because she’s good looking and topless we’re going to assume she’s a wonderful woman until told otherwise. And, let’s be honest, even if told otherwise, we’d still go out with her because what the hell do friends and family and police detectives and forensic psychiatrists know anyhow. She still seems nice to me. Especially when her lingerie falls off. Super nice. Enjoy.

Amy Markham and Her Little Red Bikini Can Barely Contain Her Beachy Keen Nipples

Strange to see a hot model in a tiny bikini at the beach these days not actually selling something. Or maybe Amy Markham is, herself. And she’s doing a superb job of it too, starting with a little red bikini that couldn’t possibly contain her curves even if it was made of futuristic stretchy material yet to be invented.

We’ve seen Amy Markham before along the beach having trouble keeping her frontside and backside curves within the confines of her petite bikinis. It just makes me wonder about all the wonderful places she must get sand during her oceanside visits. And, naturally, if today will be the day she invites me over to help her find all the grains stuck in her lovely hiding places. Enjoy.

Amy Markhan Sideboob Treats Rushing Around L.A.

In a more perfect world, attractive women would be forced by decree to wear loose fitting tank tops and no bras. We’d have to use more flowery language so it wasn’t so brazenly obvious, but the sideboob decree would still hold and we’d see more delightful hotness like that from model Amy Markham dashing about L.A. and nearly exposing her entire precious mams to the gentleman ogling community.

I’m not sure if there were any traffic incidents related to Amy’s wardrobe, and we all know by now that the fun and games end when somebody loses an eye, but you could do worse for a natural landmark to see in Southern California than the beautiful bosom of Ms. Markham. I do so love sideboob on a Friday. Enjoy.

Amy Markham Bikini Pictures Nearly Spill the Beans (Err, Nips)

Model Amy Markham has graced the pages of many men’s and women’s magazines, but yesterday in Laguna Beach, she almost graced the pages of my libido as her bodacious boobtastic nearly spilled out of her bikini top, with just an inch of two away from a full nip slip on the Cali beach.

Now you know I’ve screamed out the phrase ‘Take it off, take it all off’ in a public space before, so had I been present in Laguna in or around the vicinity of Amy Markham’s hot body and little bikini, I probably would have been verbalizing my inner feelings. I usually just get slapped when this happens. But if the action of assaulting me helped Amy’s knockers spill out of her top for all men to ogle, well, heck, I’m happy to take one for the team. Enjoy.