Amber Heard

Amber Heard’s Boobie Show And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Terry Richardson takes some sexy shots of Amber Heard. (WWTDD)

Abigail Ratchford talks about her upcoming Playboy spread while showing mighty cleav. (TMZ)

Khloe Kardashian shows off her assets in a skin tight bodysuit. (Huffington Post)

Jessica Alba lounging in a blue bikini for Shape Magazine. (Drunken Stepfather)

Bella Thorne invites us to enjoy her cleavage. (Popoholic)

Anna Kournikova makes yoga look sexy. (Busted Coverage)

Sexy girls laying in bed. Amazing. (The Chive)

Tribeca Film Festival Premiere: Sara Sampaio Plunging Neckline, Amber Heard Major Side Boob And January Jones Cleavy Peeks

Don’t you know, it’s that time of year for the Tribeca Film Festival. Tons of movies will be exhibited that will probably never make it to your local cineplex, but ten percent of them will be probably worth watching. I can raise that number to ninety percent watch rate by introducing the super attractive women who showed up to various premieres at the festival over the weekend. It’s New York, it’s movies, and it’s high brow. You’re going to get the sextastic cream of the crop.

Sara Sampaio my Portuguese virtual lover showed up in a deep plunging neckline, Amber Heard looked like ninety billion dollars of amazing side boob, the usually demure January Jones was flashing enticing cleavage, Blake Lively had hew new mom boobs pushed up in red, and so much more. I’m not sure if anybody actually stayed for the movies. I would’ve been content with popcorn and ogle worthy position on the lineup of special cinematic babes decked out in their skin revealing finest. There ought to be a festival just for that. Though we can skip Tribeca, how about everybody back to my place where a man appreciates the finer arts. So much goodness. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

Amber Heard Braless Pokies For Tiffany And Co.

Has Amber Heard officially joined the fashion parade of braless sextastic celebrities? Oh, yes she has. The beautiful now Mrs. Johnny Depp took the red carpet by nipple poking storm for the Tiffany and Co. party, which I believe comes in a little blue box and is crazy expensive. I’m not much for spending on baubles, but oh how I would clear out all seventy-two dollars in my bank account for one night of passionate disturbing making of the sexy with Amber Heard. That’s even before I start happily dwelling on her previous lesbionic exploits.

I’d like to take a moment to say a little thank you blessing for the braless trend among the youthful hot set in Hollywood. It really is quite a phenomenon we haven’t ever officially toasted. But it’s real and it’s amazing. Someday I suppose bras will come back and we’ll be sad, but let us revel in the moment of mammarial show-womanship. We are living in such a wonderful age. Bless you and your nipples, Amber Heard. You are my hero. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews/Splash

Amber Heard Got Married, My Favorite Lesbionic Lusty Is Off the Market

I was always prepared to see the elegantly and outrageously hot Amber Heard lost to the clutches of another fine lady. But losing her in semi-permanence to another man, why, that’s just a bitter pill to swallow. Lucky bastard Johnny Depp pretty much gets whatever he wants, even the matrimonial hand and body of lesbionic object d’lust, Amber.

I don’t know how long this little contractual shindig will carry on, but I’m not letting Amber go without an honorary retrospective on some of her finer, more faptastically inclined photographs reminding us all what we once had, and may, with the help of my candle lighting and falling star wishing regimen, have once more. Just so desperately hot. I’m spilling some out for my long gone homies. I should probably close the door. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Egotastic Archives

Amber Heard Sexy In GQ Russia And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Amber Heard has a bikini Marilyn Monroe thing going that’s got me going. (Drunken Stepfather)

It’s the ultimate showdown: Khloe or Kim Kardashian‘s booty. (TMZ)

Angelina Jolie looks amazing in a low cut lace dress. (Huffington Post)

Hailey Clauson gets the uncle Terry treatment. (Hollywood Tuna)

Miley Cyrus in tight tights is a good thing. (Popoholic)

This video from Wang Wong Rollin is both hot and weird. (Dlisted)

Eugenia Kuzmina in body stocking? Yes, please! (COED)

Amber Heard Wears Lingerie for W Magazine July 2014

Amber Heard So Sultry Hot in Black and White

Through all her personal hills and valleys, I guess more hill than valley since she’s given up her once awesome lesbionics, Amber Heard remains simply one of the hottest women on the planet, capable of providing so many visual wonderments in a variety of poses. In the new DT magazine, Amber goes blonde once again to prove she can really appear in any guise and still provide the thrills that only the upper tier of sextastic ladies can. It’s a little bit Marilyn, a whole lot of Amber Heard.

I will admit that I shed a little tear when Amber decided to stop scissor kissing other female model girlfriends. That there was something beautiful and special. But her life, her choice, and as sad as seeing her move back into hanging with some boring actor, as with all crazy good looking women, I must pretend to respect her decisions. Amber, if you ever go back, call me, I’ll bring my camera. Enjoy.