Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti Boudouir Hot In Her Place

If you’ve also experienced long and unyielding types of lust for the oft-conservatively dressed Amanda Righetti, today is our day.

Amanda has allowed photographer Michael Edwards and his Me in My Place feature camera into her own home, gotten down to her bedroom clothing, and let the camera snap away. The result as always is wonderfully intimate nightgown and underwear photos of the sextastic Amanda on her home court. The level of alluring is, well, alluring. I think I might actually break into tears, or a song, or just lock the door and pray the postman doesn’t come around back to an awkward sight. She is a visual treasure.

To see the full set of Amanda Righetti photos, visit Me in My Place.

Do not forget to be the cool kid who gets the sweet Me in My Place web app, for all your MIMP hotness needs. It’s all the best of the most intimate celebrity candid series out there. Enjoy.

Hayley Atwell Boobtastic Leads Pack of Hotties at Captain America Premiere

Who’s going to see Captain America? He is the first Avenger after all. I shall be there with bells on my toes and binoculars on my eyes, to see an even larger version of the quite spectacular Hayley Atwell bosom, on fine display last night at the Hollywood premiere of Captain America.

Joining the female co-star and all around hottie on the red carpet were fellow sextastic celebrities Jaime Alexander, Amanda Righetti, Francia Raisa, Jamie Chung, Maria Menounos, Vanessa Hudgens and Zoe Saldana. It was a veritable buffet of decked-out sexy celebrities. Does this mean the movie will be any good? We shall see. But for now, consider Egotastic! quite thumbs up. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn and Yvonne Strahovski Bring Animal Heat to the Genesis Awards

I love dogs. And I respect the older ladies, shut-ins, and spinsters who dutifully care for the cats that will someday be found consuming their owners’ bodies after the neighbors haven’t heard from them in days. I love all animals really, except for birds. Those really are meant to be eaten. So, when the Human Society and Hollywood team up for the Genesis awards each year, well, I get into the donation mode. And when they invite a bunch of celebrity hotties to amp up the feeling of giving, it’s almost unfair. Olivia Munn was there, flashing the animal-caring cleavage, super-toned Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck regular, Katie Cleary, red carpet evergreen and ever-cleave, Charlotte Ross, and sexy actress, Amanda Righetti. Growl. And, enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame / Getty Images

Amanda Righetti Busts Down the Doors of Egotastic! With Boobs and Body


Say hello to Amanda Righetti. Oh, this comely hottie has been on our personal radar since Angel Blade (see video below), but somehow got lost in boobtastic translation despite being our favorite guest on The O.C. and one of our favorite campers in last year’s reboot of the cult horror classic, Friday the 13th. Now featured on TV in The Mentalist, it’s just no longer okay to keep this ridiculously hot-bodied hottie all to ourselves; time to share. First, seen here looking hot all decked out in these Amanda Righetti red carpet pictures, and, all the way back to 2002 when her boobs first burst on the scene in the aforementioned Angel Blade. Welcome to Egotastic!, Amanda Righetti. Enjoy.

And, the sexy Amanda Righetti as a blade-wielding devilish hottie in Angel Blade:

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