Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano Big Jugulars for Into The Woods

Alyssa Milano showed up mammaries intact and unpacked and on display big time for the premiere of Into the Woods, the new Disney musical based on the play that is based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, most of which because Hollywood hates new material, though, thankfully, Hollywood and Alyssa Milano still love showing off some stellar large funbags.

Alyssa has been making news lately posting breastfeeding pictures on social media to support breastfeeding I suppose, and maybe a tad bit to promote her own self. In either case, I’d say her child is the real winner if dining on those milky white multiple times a day. Alyssa is accentuating her positives to which I say, bravo to the left, and bravo to the right. This is how Disney movies become interesting. Enjoy.

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Sissy Spacek Full Frontal and Alyssa Milano Topless Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Mr. Skin Minute Topless Screencaps for October 18, 2013
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Good movies only come out every now and then, but movies containing great celebrity skin are available all year long. It’s a nice tradeoff really. Sometimes, you just need to know where to look. Or you need to consult the skinematic geniuses at Mr. Skin who have done all the leg (and boob) work for you courtesy of their weekly Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s MSM reveals that Chloe Moretz (or Julianne Moore) are not nekkid in the new Carrie, but Sissy Spacek certainly was in the original 70′s flick, Alyssa Milano topless in the original Embrace of the Vampire with Sharon Hinnendael also flashing hooters in the current remake, and Emily Browning flashing a little something something in the erotic thriller, Plush. It’s the silver screen filled up just the way you like it. Enjoy.

(Naturally, do not forsake your EgoReader discount at Mr.

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READER FINDS: Alyssa Milano Topless, Carmen Electra and Victoria Silvstedt Making Out and Much Much More…

Irina Shayk Covered Topless in a Thong
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It’s been a long week for us here at Egotastic, and, by long, I mean I haven’t had a drink since last Sunday, so it seems like an eternity. But, the Friday lunch bell has rung, with a salve for what soothes my soul in the form of the most highly reputed or perhaps disreputed communal gathering for the purposes of prurient interest, a little thing we like to call Reader Finds. It does feel good.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Holly Hunter topless in Thirteen (thank you to EgoReader ‘Hankie’), Emmanuelle Beart nekkid in something French (merci, monsieur to ‘Aaron’ for Emmanuelle), the timeless Helen Mirren topless some time ago (veteran thespianic skin by way of ‘Frank T.’), a high-def look at the ta-ta’s of Alyssa Milano in her infamous movie flash (blessed by ‘Heath’ for coming through on topless Samanthas), Carmen Electra and Victoria Silvstedt making out on some euro-show (lesbionics in heat courtesy of ‘Devon’), stills of Kate Upton from a Beach Bunny promo (kindly offered up by ‘Steve P.’), Karen Gillan sextastic stems in a photoshoot (transmitted our way by ‘Katie’), Keeley Hazell in a lingerie shoot for FHM (Hazell hotness provided by ‘Glenn’), Sam Bowden in her first lads magazine topless shoot (caps came from ‘Darren F.’), Esme Bianco topless in a gloriously hot photoshoot (GOT hottie healing from ‘Stoner’), Rhian Sugden blonde and topless for Page 3 (kudos to ‘Ian’ for knowing our lust for all things Sugden), Melanie Iglesias dripping ice-cream on her bodily hotness (sweet and sticky from the hands of ‘Dee K.’), Heather Graham topless in Killing Me Softly (Graham’s goodies via ‘Ventos’), Latina hottie Nora Salinas covered topless (muchas gracias para ‘Wendell’), Jillian Murray topless in Wild Things some numbered sequel (silver screen ta-ta’s from ‘Alan’), Beverly D’Angelo topless in Vacation (wayback goodness from ‘Night Wolf’), another look at the epic photo of Irina Shayk barely covered topless (re-upped by ‘Michael G.’), a two part-party platter of Megan Boone sexy and Emily Watson topless for cinematic glory (handpicked by ‘David M.), and soccer players Alex Morgan and Syd Leroux in bikinis (blessed by ‘Dee’ for this contribution). It’s a bounty of the visually wondrous. Enjoy.

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Alyssa Milano Turns 40; We Still Get Milano Chills Thinking About Her Through the Years

There were many great champions of early Internet adoption, many technical pioneers for web development and promotion during the early 1990′s especially, but, let’s be honest, the dial-up became less of a pain in the ass when sextastic celebrities started showing up on the other end of all those models clicks and shrill whistles. And one of those early Internet faces (and bodies, and nekkid bodies at one point, though some faked) was childhood actress turned young Hollywood ingenue, Alyssa Milano.

Hard to believe, but the rambunctious girl from Who’s the Boss, and later on the chesty stunner in Charmed, turns 40 years old today and we decided a tribute was in order. No, not that kind of tribute you sick effer, but a look at Alyssa through the years, some of our favorite pictures, from teen publicity machine to current day still hotness. Reflect and enjoy.

REVEALED: Mr. Skin’s Top 100 Nude Celebs of All Time



History was made today when Mr. Skin, the purveyor of all things skinematic, revealed his first ever Top 100 Nude Celebs of All Time, following an intense period of nomination, evaluation, and reader input (and thanks to numerous Egotastic! readers for casting your votes).

The results are in and the Top 10 Nude Celebs of All Time are:

For the entire list of the Top 100, not to mention their nekkid movie scenes therein, check out Mr. Skin Top 100 Nude Celebs of All Time announcement. In fact, when you’re there, try to check out the vast collection of 20,000 actresses and 200,000 pics and videos, for which I’d recommend the discounted annual pass, for slow, savory, visual inspection. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Madalina Pica See-Through Boobtastic, Alyssa Milano Bare Muffin Embrace, Jessica Grace Smith Enslaved Funbags, and Georgia Salpa Lingerie for Leprechauns


Thanks to numerous Egotastic! readers, including ‘Sean’, for pointing out the very obvious — sexy girl boobs are quite nice — even on the female clothing line pimping runways of Europe, with sexy model Madalina Pica being quite the obvious case in point. Madalina stole the show at the Lise Charmel lingerie fashion show this week with her double guns set to see-through hotness. (Also check out this little Watch the Video »

Alyssa Milano Pregnant, But She’ll Always Be A Nekkid Vampire Victim To Me (VIDEO)


Okay, so, I was going to say she’s all grown up but she’ll always be Samantha from Who’s the Boss to me, but that’d be a lie. When I think of Alyssa Milano, I can’t help but think of the young actress with impressive boobtastic who made a name for herself in the adult world by flaunting her sexy curves, and then her mom came along and tried to ruin the Internet just because Alyssa’s little brother searched for his sister online and found nude photos of her. Hey, these things happen. Regardless, I prefer to remember pre-baby, pre-wholesome Alyssa Milano in such epic thespianic ventures as Embrace of the Vampire, a real suck fest, if you know what I’m saying. Congrats, Alyssa. And, enjoy.

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