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Alison Brie In A Swimsuit And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Sweet Jesus, Alison Brie in a swimsuit is the greatest thing ever. (Hollywood Tuna)

There are few things better than some nice cleavage. (The Chive)

Samantha Hoopes knows how to sexify Instagram. (TMZ)

Beyonce looks amazing in a tight leather skirt. (Huffington Post)

Charlize Theron is leggy in a new sexy ad campaign. (Drunken Stepfather)

Olivia Wilde makes me happy in my swimsuit area. (Popoholic)

Charlotte McKinney‘s boobs deserve and Oscar. (The Superficial)

Even More Alison Brie Deep Cleavage Swimsuits For GQ

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Alison Brie sweet hot water, even more photos from her sextacular set from GQ Mexico. Alison Brie isn’t your traditional exhibitionist model, but when she decided to turn on the alluring spigots, oh, how they do run strong.

Last week we saw a few of these photos from the full pictorial, primarily in black and white composites. Now, the vastly underrated passion inducement of Alison Brie in a cleavetastic swimsuit in full color. You know, how ever many colors there are in the rainbow. Seven? Plus or minus five, I’m not good with guessing. But I’m firm, as it were, when it comes to identifying the sextastic. Alison Brie is covered in that. Oh, that we can some day soon see more. I’m going to hold my breath until it happens. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ Mexico

Alison Brie Cleavy Smoking Hot Swimsuit Pictures, We May Not Survive These Melons of Joy

Alison Brie just kills me. She pulls the life force right out of me, shakes it up like a cocktail, and puts it right back in no particular order or sensibility. It’s hard to explain the feeling precisely, but suffice it to say, it’s a good one.

The girl next door cutie slash often underrated alluring girl you’d wished you’d had an evening alone with in college got into a cleavetastic revealing swimsuit for a pictorial for GQ Mexico, because caballeros need to know how to accessorize as well. Her swimsuits aren’t as undone or unzipped as I might particularly please, but I suppose there’s something to be said for the art of the tease. Mostly that thing is, make it stop and flash us your epic funbags so we might properly break into happy tears. Body language says so much more than spoken utterances. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ Mexico

Alison Brie Comes Out to Play in Vanity Fair

Alison Brie Hot in Vanity Fair Magazine June 2014
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Alison Brie rarely makes a photographic appearance in any alluring form, this despite having that girl from the schul next door type of alluring quality that make so many men want to virtually date her. Or at least, get to the end of the third date quickly where you make those sad kitten eyes and pretend it’s not all about sex. Anyhow, whether it be on Community or Mad Men, Alison has built up a small army of lust heads who rarely get open opportunity to ogle her in her revealing lady form.

Appearing in this month’s Vanity Fair, the rather discreet Alison Brie gives at least a little something something for the silent majority of happy pants fap-timers to take with them into their libidinal vaults for another three months of strenuous activity. I guess there’s something to be said for the demure girl who doesn’t show too much, and that thing would be, Please show more! Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jessica Pare Topless, Kate Upton Bikini, McKayla Maroney Asstastic, and Much Much More

Alison Brie Sexy in Photoshoot for Men's Health October 2010
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It is my pleasure each Friday to open up the reader email bag, let out a little of the odiferous contained within because we don’t clean out the email bag all that often, and reach my hand in for the jewels that lay beneath. A plethora of precious gems in the form of sextastic celebrity skin of today and yesteryear both. Just knowing how much time you wasted at work searching for these darlings makes my job all the more worthwhile. I do realize I am one of the reason productivity is down in the world, but, happiness is up, so it’s a reasonable tradeoff.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Alison Brie looking mighty fine for Men’s Health (thank you to EgoReader ‘Dave H.’), Vanessa Paradis topless in not one, but two French works of cinema (merci merci out to ‘Wendy’), Yvonne Strahovski sexy Chuck selfies (chucked over the fence by ‘Damon’), Clare Grant hot and nekkid (to this honor owed ‘Chet G.’), Kyla Estrada topless modeling goodness (much obliged to ‘Lizzy’), Meghan Falcone topless in Californication (‘Walter’ had this one nailed), Madison Welch topless in stills from a Zoo video (good show by ‘Ian I.’, Kate Upton modeling bikinis for Beach Bunny (cleavy goodness via ‘Jeff’), Jessica Pare topless on the silver screen (a boob full of goodness from ‘Stricker’), Brooklyn Decker sextasic modeling pics (‘Thomas’ picked this up on the way over), Teri Hatcher also topless not once but twice for thespianic glory (throwback boobtastic by ‘Lenny’), Kelsey Hardwick bare boobtastic on camera (contributed quietly by ‘Rohes’), Elizabeth Berkley Showgirls epic nekkidness (a bit of the classic from ‘Jimmy’), Lucy Lawless topless for the glory of Rome (vox populi sounded by ‘Terry F.’), Katy Cocktease showing off deep cleavage in early concerts (‘Elliot’ saw fit to discover this), Britney Spears just a babe in Rolling Stone (mmm, young Britney by ‘Mel H.’), Kate Upton modeling little bits of lingerie (more Kate goodies via ‘Transpo’), Violante Placido topless and emerging from the water (wet and bare treats from ‘Jess’), Nicole Kidman hot bare booty (down under thunder from ‘Miller’), more Katy Cocktease behind the scenes of Roar (oh, those funbags from ‘Teezer’), Hannah Furguson see-through boobalicious from SI shoot (thank you kindly ‘Wheels’), Keltie Knight covered nekkid for PETA (absorbed and redistributed by ‘Michael K.’), Chanel West Coast wicked booty in her new music video (many kudos to ‘Eric’), Olivia Munn cleavetastic at the Met after-party (inspired by ‘Joe M.’), Bianca Beauchamp honoring the Canadiens boobtastically (dropped off by ‘Maynard’), and last, but not at all least, a double shot of McKayla Maroney stretch pants asstastic (from the incredibly busy ‘Anon’). That’s called, good measure. Enjoy.

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Alison Brie Is Just for Me (and Hot in Rhapsody)

I know Alison Brie may not be your cup of tea. Ugh. She’s not for everyone. She floats not all boats, but for those she floats, she reaches pretty epically high. I’m one of them and this innocent but sextastic look at the Mad Men thespianic in Rhapsody magazine leaves me feeling quite lifted indeed.

There’s something about her all-dressed up girl next door thing she’s got going on that reminds me of being a kid and spying on my neighbor’s teen daughter heading off on her dates. I didn’t realize it until I’d grown a bit older than I was fortunate to be living next to the single most promiscuous teen girl in the neighborhood, which would explain why her dates often consisted of her heading out to the boys car and coming back twenty minutes later and hopping out all disheveled. I’d always thought they had gone bowling. Enjoy.

Alison Brie Sextastic in Teasy Swimsuit for Esquire

Alison Brie doesn’t really get enough love. I know you lust her as the attainable girl next door, while I see her as the female plumber who comes to fix my tub drain clogged oddly with Jelly Bellys, we all have our Alison Brie dreams. But she just never gives us much to work with in terms of being lazy men who’d rather not have to do all the work with our eyes and imaginations. Until now.

The good folks at Esquire have an amazing new spread of Alison, all kinds of teasy fun time in her swimsuit by the pool. It’s not quite naughty, but it’s not quite innocent either. I think that might just be the perfect note for Alison. A little naughty good girl inspiration. Enjoy.

Be sure to read the full Alison Brie interview with Esquire.