Alicia Witt

Alicia Witt Flashes Her, Um, Funbag, in House of Lies

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House of Lies airs past the deadline for our lovely little Boob Tube Roundup each weekend. However, that delightful bit of programming often throws in a nice scene or two of memorable skintastic on the regular, including this week’s boobtastic baring of the right teat by veteran hottie actress Alicia Witt. Alicia’s career goes all the way back to being the kid in Dune thirty years ago. Well, she’s not a kid any longer. She’s about to hit forties and faptastic and she’s showing her entry form.

I consider a ta-ta flash from a ginger like a sign from above that we’re on the right path here. A lovely bit of manna in the form of one sextastic thespianic. I could be wrong, but looking at Alicia Witt half topless, I feel all kinds of right. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “House Of Lies”

Alicia Witt and Elizabeth Banks’ Lesbian Kiss

Here’s a nice little break from all the bikini pictures. It’s a video of Alicia Witt and Elizabeth Banks’ lesbian kiss from the web series “Wainy Days.” Yes, that’s right, Alicia Witt and Elizabeth Banks in made-for-the-web lesbian video! Now, I know that when times get tough, girls sometimes make certain kinds of videos, and post them online to generate some cash flow, but I had no idea that extended to celebrities, too. But, you know, if Alicia and Elizabeth ever need a little extra cash, I’ve got a video camera and a few ideas about how to use it…

Alicia Witt Lapdances Her Way Into My Heart

I’ve had a soft spot for Alicia Witt for a long time, and I do love me a redhead, but after seeing Alicia Witt’s super sexy lapdance on Two and a Half Men this week, well, let’s just say that spot isn’t so soft anymore. I always knew she was frickin’ hot, but I really had no idea. And I know if her bikini was papped, or what, but WOW! And she’s funny, too. Who knew!?

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