Alicia Witt

Alicia Witt and Elizabeth Banks’ Lesbian Kiss

Here’s a nice little break from all the bikini pictures. It’s a video of Alicia Witt and Elizabeth Banks’ lesbian kiss from the web series “Wainy Days.” Yes, that’s right, Alicia Witt and Elizabeth Banks in made-for-the-web lesbian video! Now, I know that when times get tough, girls sometimes make certain kinds of videos, and post them online to generate some cash flow, but I had no idea that extended to celebrities, too. But, you know, if Alicia and Elizabeth ever need a little extra cash, I’ve got a video camera and a few ideas about how to use it…

Alicia Witt Lapdances Her Way Into My Heart

I’ve had a soft spot for Alicia Witt for a long time, and I do love me a redhead, but after seeing Alicia Witt’s super sexy lapdance on Two and a Half Men this week, well, let’s just say that spot isn’t so soft anymore. I always knew she was frickin’ hot, but I really had no idea. And I know if her bikini was papped, or what, but WOW! And she’s funny, too. Who knew!?

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