Ali Landry

Ali Landry MILFtastic Bikini Show Continues In Hawaii

I think we’ve had more fun this week on the Ali Landry Hawaiian vacation than Ali Landry has. It’s got to be close at least.

The former pageant girl, model, and actress continued with her epic about-to-turn-40 fine motherly bikini form show in the 50th State over the weekend, reminding us every time we ever, err, had private time fun thoughts of Ali Landry in the past, and exciting us for what seems like a coming out party for the wicked hot mom. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ali, we can only hope these new bikini and booty faptastic sightings of the past week are the tip of the melting hot iceberg. Enjoy.

Ali Landry Veteran Asstastic Hangs a Perfect 10

As much as Ali Landry needed her Hawaiian vacation, I think we needed to see her on her on the beach and in the ocean even more. Yesterday, some nice shots of her frontal lobes in a blue bikini on the sand in Maui, and today, a grand display of her MILFtastic asstastic during surfing time in the mighty Pacific.

Now, there are few things in this world naughtier than a mom with a hot keester flashing it in all sorts of bending and preening positions. But you mix in a bikini bottom and water and you suddenly have mind blowing type visual wonderments. Bless you, Ali Landry. Enjoy.

Hey I Wonder if Ali Landry Still Looks Super Hot? Yes, Yes She Does

It’s been fourteen years since former Miss USA, Ali Landry, stole our hearts and the contents of our gunny sacks as The Doritos Girl in the more than famous Superbowl commercial. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, including a two-week-long marriage to Mario Lopez, you gotta hate those, but now approaching forty I think it’s fair to say, Ali Landry still looks epic hot.

Caught candidly in a bikini on the beaches in Hawaii, the bodacious brunette and MILFtastic sensation looked quite sensational in a a bright blue ‘check me out, I’m still wicked good looking bikini’. We couldn’t help but notice our own chips getting kind of crunchy whilst ogling. That is the sign of a woman of extraordinary visual means. Enjoy.

Ali Landry Bikini Pictures

Remember Ali Landry? She was the girl in the Doritos commercial. She’s done other things since then, but that’s really all I remember. Anyway, here are some Ali Landry bikini pictures, and as you can clearly see, she’s still ridiculously hot. But, like, really.