Alena Blohm

Alena Blohm See Through Lingerie For Love And Lemons and Lust in the Loins

It’s really been almost a year since we feasted peeps upon the fine German hottie known as Alena Blohm. She worked with Victoria’s Secret ever so briefly when they were trying to show the world they owned every attractive woman. Now she’s modeling for Love and Lemons, which easily could be Lust and Loins based upon the devilishly alluring lingerie photos she produced. Wunderbar!

I do so love these Polaroid type candids they take now of the models for the more risque and adventurous merchandisers. They really do add that homegrown sextastic appeal. Like we’re right there in Alena’s boudoir watching her change into her various bras and panties and measuring the awesomeness of her own derriere in the mirror. Dare to dream on that location. Alena Blohm, we need to see more of you, much more of you, stat. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Olivia Malone For Love And Lemons

Alena Blohm Is Stupendously Covered Topless for V.S.

Alright, Victoria’s Secret. You win. Your attempt to secure the services of pretty much every amazing looking lingerie model in this world to pimp your wares has succeeded beyond your wildest dreams. Though right about mid-center of my wildest dreams as it turns out.

Meet German model Alena Blohm. The latest and greatest sextastic addition to the V.S portfolio of the world’s hottest women stripped down to just their panties to sell your bras. I don’t think it even makes sense. I know I don’t care. I could stare at the ridiculously hot body of this girl from Yemen for days on end, with some nights included. I can’t believe my mom dissuaded me from pursuing my childhood dream of running a lingerie company. Where has learning to read and write gotten me in terms of hanging out with international models in their panties? Enjoy.