Alena Blohm Chesty Peeks For Free People

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bill-swift - June 13, 2015

Alena Blohm isn't your average run of the mill German model hotel. She's your run of the mill German model hottie who I would like to be my summer girlfriend. You know, that woman you meet at the beach and immediately fall for because your real girlfriend is gone for the summer studying fashion design in Prague and her wealthy older husband is in an iron lung and she hasn't had the comfort of a human touch in ever so long. Also, you both like flip flops and melon-flavored cocktails.

Featured in this Free People advertising campaign, Alena shows you why the very best clothes on a woman are those that most often find their way to the floor all on their own. Well, it helps when you start out tall and hot and blonde. I mean, if you had to pick some superpowers to have, you could pick worse. Alena, let's start the summer love affair. We'll break up on Labor Day. The NFL season really does consume much of my time after that. You'll just be sullen. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Free People