Aida Yespica

READER FINDS: Joanna Krupa Poking Hot, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Topless, Lauren Pope Nekkid, and Much More….

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Our final Reader Finds of 2011. Spill some naughtiness for our fallen readers. 

Through the entire year, our favorite horde of gentlemen (and lady) oglers we call the amazing Egotastic! have fed our communal need for celebrity skin like so much hot slop into the upscale pig’s trough. It’s been a truly remarkable airlift of the asstastic, a bushel of boobtastic, and, always, a saving grace of the sextastic. So, hail, you readers.

Today’s Reader Finds includes Joanna Krupa smoking and poking hot in a Josh Ryan photoshoot, Rosie Huntington-Whitely artsy and topless in a Rankin photoshoot, TOWIE reality star Lauren Pope nekkid for The Bunny, Aida Yespica calendar sultry topless, Johanna Lundback doing what she does best in lingerie and swimsuits, Adriana Lima ‘wicked’ weirdly hot, and a strange nekkid song bird in Amanda Palmer getting inked. 

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Venezuelan Hottie Aida Yespica Continues Epic MILF Bikini Vacation

Honestly, I don’t know who is having a better time on their extended December vacation, Venezuelan beauty queen turned Italian celeb, Aida Yespica, or, you know, all of us who’ve had the pleasure of ogling her ridiculously hot MILF body these past couple of weeks. That oiled down sultry body of hers simply has not met a bikini it didn’t make visual love to, which of course reminds us of the direction of our own tawdry, but quite natural feelings toward the hot mama on the beach in Miami.

Just talked to Siri on my knock-off iPhone here and reminded her to remind me to get down to Florida next December as it has clearly become the epicenter of celebrity bikini hotness this month. Just crazy. Enjoy.

Aida Yespica Topless Photo Extravaganza (Yuletide Blessings from an Egotastic! Reader)

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Oh, how The Boot is representing today, more specifically, EgoSuperFan ‘Giuseppe’ who has been watching our lust affair with the bikini madness going on with Aida Yespica in Miami this past week, and witnessing our frustration at not seeing just a lot bit more bare bodily acreage on Aida. So Giuseppe went and rounded up his tutto di tutti hottie topless roundup of the Venezuelan-turned-Italian TV starlet and ever-gossiped about model.

Not since Santa brought me the X-ray glasses I had asked for at age eight so I could stare at girls in the neighboring high school locker room have I been so excited about a Yuletide bit of prayer answered. Grazie mille, Giuseppe!

Aida Yespica Sinks the Pink Bikini As Miami Heat Rages On

Sometimes, all those candles I light in the window of my studio apartment mansion really do pay off. Oh, how we have prayed for hot-bodied Aida Yespica to never ever leave Miami Beach, or never ever stop wearing tiny bikinis that flash her ridiculously sextastic body (I mean, yes, we would like her to lose the bikinis, if we can be leering during the disrobing ceremony). 

The former Venezuelan beauty pageant hottie and oft-scandal Italiana gossip girl continued her seemingly and thankfully endless winter vacation in Miami with yet another fabulously designed to show off bikini, pink this time, flashing all sort of body parts that can only be described as delicious.

I often wonder to myself how so many seemingly savvy sports stars and politicians can become embroiled in such obviously stupid scandals involved women such as Aida, then I look at her like this and I know exactly why and that I would do the same. Enjoy.

Aida Yespica Bikini Wedgie Gives Me Thoughts of Writing Santa

It’s been quite a week for the bikini ogling community and the performance put on by Aida Yespica down in Miami Beach. The former Venezuelan beauty pageant hottie and current Italian ‘it’ girl, continue to flaunt ‘it’, that being her ridiculously amazing Sudamericana booty in the warm winter sun. Never have I wanted so badly to help a woman with her wedgie.

It’s certainly giving me ideas on what to ask Santa for Christmas this year. Enjoy.

Aida Yespica and Claudia Galanti Epic Day 2 of Their Butt-Grabbing Bikini Vacation

You know how we disfavor superlatives, and though it is the time of the year for you all to vote on your favorites of the annum, wow, it’s hard not to look at the hot bikini body and asstastic performance put on by Latina hotties Aida Yespica and Claudia Galanti in Miami Beach this week and not refer to it in passing as the finest bikini butt show on the planet. It’s just downright amazing. These girls bottoms are so hot, they can’t even help but grab each other’s seat meat. Not that the rest of the body is lacking in anything, anywhere, but a fine butt is a truly epic wonderment, a badonkadonk perfection, as if sculpted by the ancient artisans on Mount Egotastic!  

You have no choice but to enjoy!

Aida Yespica and Claudia Galanti Bikini Beach Bare Boobtastic Extravaganza


Cuando Calienta El Sol.

Former Venezuelan beauty pageant contestant turned Italian footballer baby mama turned Berlusconi object d’ lust, Aida Yespica took to the beach of Miami with her super hot friend and Paraguayan supermodel Claudia Galanti and the two formed a sextastic bikini duet on the beach with the full delicious flesh puppies, made even more delicious when Claudia Galanti lost her top in the waves, revealing a double Sudamericana visual delight for the beach goers. 

You owe it to your inner-child to check out both these galleries of the girls on the beach, perhaps lock the door for the Claudia Galanti wardrobe malfunction pictures. Enjoy.