Aida Yespica

Aida Yespica Topless Golden Manic Goodness

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I don’t believe these are new photos of the Venezuelan beauty queen turned Italian TV hostess turned regular hot bodied visitor to the Miami shoreline, however, they are newly published and if you think I’m missing any chance to share topless photos of my dearly belusted Aida Yespica, then you don’t know me as well as you think you do from just the police sketches.

Aida Yespica is simply one of the finest looking lovely Latina ladies on this planet. That’s a big talent pool of competition, but Aida has routinely stuck out with her passion inducing all over ridiculously hot body and that sultry come hither thing that has men coming hither rather frequently and routinely. She doesn’t need any super power stronger than that lest she wants to tempt the stars. Seeing her perfect funbags in this golden shoot just serves as a reminder of the splendor of nature, and just how badly we want to scrump the night away with the splendor. You won’t get that kind of honesty in NatGeo. Only here. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Manic Magazine

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Aida Yespica Bikini Pictures Hold Their Own And Then Some on Holiday in Spain

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Venezuelan beauty pageant winner turned Italian TV showgirl Aida Yespica baring her bodacious body in a bikini along some shoreline or another around the world. For several winters she was a fixture in Miami, but she missed this past year, leaving a small hole in my heart. So she’s kind of like doughnuts for me.

Aida has some new boyfriend I’ll continue to ignore, but it was enough occasion to get her back into her two piece and off to the South of Spain for a beach vacation. I’m glad she went. And did some delicious bikini adjustments. Though every time a sextastic woman adjusts her own sweet teats I do feel like I’m missing out on my life’s career calling. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Gemma Arterton Topless, Daryl Hannah Nekkid, Jessica Chastain Topless, And Much Much More…

Aida Yespica Covered Nekkid on UnderSense Film Set
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Whenever the research comes to me showing how Egotastic! has the smartest audience of any celebrity site on the web, I shake my head knowingly, all cool like, and say, I know. Not like an ass, but cool. Then I cough like crazy on the cigarette I don’t know how to smoke and give a wink and get back to my Candy Crush game. But it’s true, I do know the acumen of our audience is high, which puts me in the position of counting on all of you for collaborating on content. The culmination of which occurs each Friday with our communally coagulated Reader Finds. It’s not art and it’s not science. It’s arscience. And it’s ever chocked full of hot celebrity skin.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Gemma Arterton topless onscreen (thank you to EgoReader ‘Dexy’), Dutch model and actress Sylvia Hoeks also topless onscreen (blessings from ‘Ty’), Hayley Atwell sextastic in not one but two hot photoshoots (double billed by ‘Roman’), Kat Dennings in a wicked smiley photoshoot (from ‘KatFan’ not surprisingly), Noelia Rios and friend naughty time fun time in Ale Santiago photoshoot (via ‘Vonn’), Rosie Jones topless in a recent Nuts spread (all things Jonesy transmitted by ‘Conan’), Jessica Chastain topless in Lawless (double funbaggery by ‘Owen’), Lucy Pinder in not one but two naughty photographer topless dreams (another double shot of lust from ‘Excelsior’), Swede hottie thespianic Noomi Rapace quite nekkid in film (tusen takk to ‘Tomas’ for this find), Sally Kellerman classic topless scene (dropped off at our door by ‘Wayne’), Sigourney Weaver equally classic and equally topless (cinematically compiled by ‘Glen’), Aida Yespica covered nekkid on the set of UnderSense (thanks to for this eponymous contribution), Daryl Hannah throwabck nekkindess (kudos to veteran contributor ‘Pito’), and, last, but not the least bit least, Alison Brie nipple slip delicious (offered up by ‘Drake’). It’s two hands and a mouthful of sextastic skin. Enjoy.

Aida Yespica Bikini Pictures Deliver Killer Heat to a Miami Winter

It’s been one awesome winter season in Miami once again (even as Egotastic! makes plans for South Beach next winter), rife with some of the hottest women in the world in some of the smallest bikinis in the world, strutting their professionally awesome bodies for oglers everywhere to delight. And revel we have. Though, noticeably absent so far this bikini season, bombshell Aida Yespica.

But, now, we can check that super hottie off on our Miami sightseeing list as the Venezuelan turned Italian model pranced about the South Florida in a bikini that flattered her simply stellar sultry Latina form. Just a sight for sore eyes. Well, not just the eyes are sore with this sight. Enjoy.

Aida Yespica Lingerie Pictures Reveal Perhaps Our Favorite Body in the World

Now, there a million fine female bodies in this world, and, Lord knows, we’ve attempted to make sweet sexy love to each and every one of them (our lack of success to date merely means that we’re overdue), and we do hate the use of superlatives, because hotness is a journey, not a destination, still, we are quite tempted to say that Venezuelan pageant winner turned model and TV personality Aida Yespica may just have our favorite bodies on this here spinning ball of gas.

Take a look at Aida’s latest lingerie pictorial, for SieLei, and see if you don’t see what we see — a perfect slice of heaven in female anatomical form. It’s as if Mother Nature let a super horny dude invent his own woman, just for kicks, and out popped Aida Yespica. If only this is how nature worked, as opposed to whatever it is they tried to teach me back in school. Aida, te amo. Enjoy.

Aida Yespica Bikini Pictures For an Amazing High-Def View of Tropical Body Pleasures

You might say we’re favoring Italy this week, and I will tell you that Egotastic! goes where the hotness takes us, and this past week or two, The Boot has just been the world epicenter of hot female celebrities.

Take for example Aida Yespica, who isn’t even Italian really, former Venezuelan beauty queen turned infamous Italian model, and just the all-around proud owner of one of the single hottest bodies on the planet. Well, thanks to EgoFan ‘Emac’ and his website,, we have an HD ogle-fest of Aida’s extraordinary bikini body in stills from the Italian TV show, Isola dei Famosi, essentially Celebrity Survivor, wherein Aida flashes, preens, and shows off various looks in a bikini that really ought to be criminal. Well, okay, not criminal, let’s call them pain-in-the-pants inducing. Just plain old ridiculously hot. Enjoy.

Aida Yespica and Claudia Galanti Continue to MILF Up Miami Beach in Teeny Bikinis

Didn’t you hate it when your mom would go to the beach all oiled-up and flashing her body and all your little guy friends would stare at her rack all day long instead of playing sand castles with you? Okay, so maybe this is more of a personal tale of woe, and it wasn’t the beach, it was the strip club where mom worked to pay the bills, albeit, she worked accounting in the back because of her allergies to talc, but the shame remains the same.

Thankfully, the little boy kids of super hot Sudamericana to Italia transplant Aida Yespica and her hottie Latina cohort, Claudia Galanti, are too young to feel the slings and arrows of outrageously hot moms flashing their funbags and wicked hot buns for the beach-going oglers over the New Year’s holiday, so they can avoid all the hurtful taunts like ‘Hey, man, do you know what your mom is making me for breakfast’ and ‘I’m gonna be your sixth grade stepdad soon’. Those did sting.

Moms should simply not be this hot. But, thankfully, they are. Enjoy