Jenna Louise Coleman

Jenna Louise Coleman Looking Mighty Fine in Glamour

Dr. Who fanboys and just anybody who appreciates a good hot British brunette will rejoice at the ladies magazine pictorial of Jenna Louise Coleman. A tad bit too innocent for our general tastes, but anything Jenna Louise is my motto. Well, it used to be, I’ll do anything for a peek. But, you’ve got to keep your motto dynamic, changing with the times.

So, today, it’s anything Jenna Louise, pulling a G-rated pose down in Glamour UK magazine, causing X-rated fantasies (well, maybe a hard R, we are gentlemen after all). Enjoy.

Jenna-Louise Coleman Hotness and Game of Thrones? A Nerd Could Die from This

Newly coveted Dr. Who fanboy faptastic Jenna-Louise Coleman and her little hottie tottie brunette self made quite an impression to both geekboys and gentleman oglers alike on the red carpet for Season 3 of Game of Thrones in Hollywood. The combination of Dr. Who sextastic and the announcement of the oncoming Game of Throne season sent over 500,000 skinny bespectacled pasty white young men into guest bathrooms of their parents homes with Do Not Disturb signs hastily drawn and attached to the outer door handles.

Fap away, oh sons of Loki.  Enjoy.

Fanboy Faptastic! Jenna-Louise Coleman Announced as New ‘Dr. Who’ Companion

Jenna Louise Coleman New Dr. Who Girl
Invest in Hand Lotion Stocks Now!

Who shall ever replace Amy Pond in our lusting hearts, the companion character portrayed by the geek-tastic Karen Gillan?

Producers of the forever nerd show, Dr. Who, announced yesterday that Britty hottie soap actress, Jenna-Louise Coleman would be replacing Gillan as the Doctor’s next companion character. For those who aren’t familiar with the TV series or the universe, the companion essentially means the girl who millions of fanboys drop down into their basements with the hand lotion for a little careful character analysis. I could explain it in more detail, but that’s basically it. And Jenna-Louise Coleman, she fits the bill to a tee. Enjoy.