Celebrities Tweet the Darndest Things (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 10, 2013

The thing about being connected 24/7 is that it gives people more opportunities to run off at the mouth and make fools of themselves. It's bad for them but great for us, because where else are we supposed to get our daily comic relief?

At the top of the list are celebs. You might think that they'd be too busy to tweet about nonsensical stuff, but apparently, they make time. In the process, the media and folks like us learn a few things about themselves as well: one, that they can say incredibly stupid stuff without the help of their PR people; and two, that they can be incredibly stupid people, period.

This hilarious video by Shane Dawson highlights the best of the worst stuff that celebrities have tweeted. Most of these tweets eventually went viral after they were posted because of their sheer stupidity.

The thing with the Internet is that you can't totally delete a tweet even though you've removed it from your Twitter account. That's the power of screen caps, which at this point, should be every celeb's worst enemy. Enjoy!

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