Carolina Cruz Models Swimwear the Colombiana Way, Muy En Fuego

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bill-swift - September 26, 2014

You could do much worse in the course of your day than spending fifteen minutes leering at the lovely likes of Sudamericana hottie model Carolina Cruz and her ambitious attempt to bring wood to over one million men simultaneously. And doing so while modeling apparel for women. It's quite a feat. I won't make mention of whether or not I am to be counted toward this goal, but suffice it to say with this kind of body and that kind of sultry natural goodness, I suspect she will successful no matter the nominal goal.

Carolina Cruz, you are now officially on my radar. You won't notice much change at first, except maybe an excessive number of handwritten love letters in your post box mentioning my extensive feather and tickling implements collection. It really is rather impressive. Laughable if you will. Carolina, your bikini body doth inspire me to en fuego level heights. Bless your good deeds. Enjoy.