Captain America Statue Unveiled In Brooklyn

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michael-garcia - August 12, 2016

A giant statue of legendary superhero Captain America was erected in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. The statue is thirteen feet tall and is meant to commemorate Captain America's 75th birthday. In the recent Marvel movies, Cap is from Brooklyn, hence why it was chosen as the site for the statue. In the comic books he's from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a fact that set a lot of comic book nerds aflutter with geek rage. Other people in Brooklyn, (hipsters), were angry because Cap is a corporate property after all belonging to Marvel and they objected to public money being used in free advertising for Marvel. That and the whole, "The park is becoming overrun by, like, corporations, man." The statue will later be moved to the Barclay's Center and then to Sunset Park.

I think it's fine to have a statue of a fictional character. There is a famous statue of Alice in Wonderland in Central Park and no one says anything about that. It should be in the Lower East Side, though. Unfortunately, that's just an over-priced craphole. 

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